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Why Creativity?

“Creativity is a means of personal growth, self-understanding, change, and rehabilitation.” – Cathy A. Malchiodi, ATR, LPCC

When I tell people what I do and mention that I am all about incorporating the Creative Process as a vehicle for change, many people find it necessary to self-deprecate: “I’m not good at art“, “I don’t have a Creative bone in me“, “I still draw stick figures“, and so on.

However, creative thinking is not limited to making art.

In science and academia, the jury is still out on whether everyone?is built with an innate creativity, or whether it’s a rare gift that only some are born with.

I believe that every person?is born with some level of creativity, and like all things, it requires love and nurture to flourish.? As they say, ‘use it or lose it’!

Easier said than done, I know. But supporting your Creative Energy can become easier with time and practice if you can remain mindful of some of the following *:

1. Have a “permissive” attitude– Creativity flourishes where there are no judgments, preconceptions, or biases.

2. Lack fear or concern about what others might think– Creativity flourishes when we have an inner sense of knowing what is right for ourselves, not when we rely on the praise or judgments of others.

3. Let go of self-criticism– Creativity flourishes when we let go of the inner voices that prevent us from creating, and instead allow ourselves the freedom to experiment and explore.

4. Accept that there is no right or wrong answer– Creativity flourishes when we set aside rules and treat our perceived errors with respect, because out of these often come new insights.

5. Develop an intention and a passion– When we work intently and passionately at something, it unlocks the Creative Process. Commit to the process and trust that it will unfold exactly as it should.

For any readers who are serious about getting their Creativity on, check out my series called 12 Steps to a More Creative and Stress-free Life, where I challenge you to meet your higher goals through the vehicle of Creativity.

For support on your Journey, email me here, and join the conversation on my Facebook page.

* From the book The Art Therapy Sourcebook?by Cathy A. Malchiodi, ATR, LPCC

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