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What’s your EO personality type?

Essential oils are all the rage right now. People are selling them, diffusing them, and talking about them just about all the time. They are totally versatile, smell amazing, and can uplift your home and your mood nearly instantly. What’s not to love? This is a 🔥 HOT 🔥 market in today’s MLM/Direct Sales market.

But would you believe me if I told you that there is so much more to essential oils than you can even begin to understand? I mean, most of us know how amazing they are for good mental and physical health, but not many people grasp how they work so well, or why.

Today I’m sharing the basics of essential oils and all the ways they can be used based on your need and personality type

What are Essential Oils made from, anyway?

Essential oils (EOs) are just like what they’re called – essential oils and that come from seeds, flowers, bark, resins, leaves, rinds, and roots. They are considered volatile compounds, which simply means they can easily evaporate at ambient room temperature.

Contrary to occasional belief, EOs do not contain vitamins or minerals. What makes them good for your body is how their naturally occurring chemical constituents interact with your personal body chemistry.

Because of this, your experience of the essential oils you choose to use may, or may not, look different than the experience of others.

Original Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

Now more than ever before people are turning towards more natural modalities of medicine to heal and to feel good. Alternative medicines are those that are not taught in traditional medical schools. They are types of healing remedies that stray from mainstream medicine, as we know it today. Examples of alternative medicines include homeopathy, naturopathy, Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

On the other hand we have plant medicine, or original medicine; essential oils, which are the essence of the plant, seed, bark, flower, resin, leaf, rind, or root. There is a popular misconception that EOs are the “lifeblood” of the plant, but that would imply that the oils are a necessity for plant life. In fact, the opposite is true. The essence of the plant is the energetic or vibrational imprint of the plant, which, with proper distillation processes, can be ultra healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Rose water essence of rose


How Do EOs Work?

Because the oils are made from distilling the essence, or energetic imprint, of the plant, it’s super important that your oils are of made from the best quality plants. If you wanted to make your own rose water tonic to tone and tighten the skin on your face, you wouldn’t use roses that were wilted or covered in harmful pesticides. 🌹 You would choose the most gorgeous, fragrant, pure and clean roses you could get your hands on. 🌹 And you would distill them with the utmost care so as to not kill off the amazing natural chemicals of the rose that provides all of the benefits. Am I right?

The same happens in the production of essential oils, only not all oils are created equally.

It’s prudent that you research your oil company thoroughly if you plan to use your oils for healing and cellular repair.


What’s Your EO Personality Type?

There are several therapeutic avenues for  benefiting and enjoying your oils. You don’t have to choose just one, but you might find yourself more drawn to one way over another. This is your EO personality type.

The best way to determine which personality type you have is to consider the ways in which you want to use, and the benefits you want to garner from, your oils. Use your oils in a way that makes sense for you and your needs.


EO Personality Type

Probably the most popular, oil diffusion seems to be what comes to mind when you think of EOs. To diffuse your favorite oils, put a small amount of warm water in an essential oil diffuser, drop in 4-20 drops of your favorite oils (depending on the size of the water reservoir and how full it is), and diffuse.

When you diffuse high quality oils, not only are you experiencing a beautiful smell that will permeate your entire space, but you are receiving direct benefits from the oils.

The olfactory sense is the only of our five senses that is directly connected to the brain. This is why scent is so directly linked to memory and experience! When you smell your favorite oil scents, not only are you strengthening the neural pathway associated with that particular scent (think, the smell of your childhood home, or baking cookies at grandma’s house), but you will also benefit from the healing properties of the chosen oil(s).

If you don’t own an oil diffuser, or if you are on the go, and you want the benefits of aromatherapy from your favorite EOs, consider inhaling directly from the bottle, or from a couple of drops rubbed onto the palms of your hands.

You can use aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, uplift energy, cleanse the air and boost immunity, and so much more! The key is to use a highly potent, high quality oil and to find the right oil for your specific needs. Viola! 🙌 Instant results!

My favorite EOs to diffuse are Lavender and Lemon, especially before bed time. It’s a relaxing blend that smells amazing!



EOs topically

If you are looking for more of an impact on your cellular health, you can apply the oils of your choice topically.

Some EOs must be diluted because their essence can irritate your skin. For example, Lemon or Peppermint oil are often diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil (or other carrier oil such as Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil – again, consider the quality). Applying these EOs to your skin directly, without a carrier oil, can cause rash or skin irritation for some people with sensitive skin.

You can also create your own healing oil concoctions and pour them, with your carrier oil, into a glass roller bottle. Glass roller bottles are little tube-shaped bottles, about the size of a lipstick, with a roller ball encased in a plastic housing on top. You just pop off the entire roller ball unit, drop in 10-20 drops of the oils you need for healing, fill to the top with carrier oil, and keep it on hand for use any time of day.

My favorite roller ball combo is Cypress and Juniper Berry. I use them to detoxify and reduce inflammation, push out retained water and toxins, and strengthen my bladder.


peppermint softgel

Did you know that high quality EOs are safe to consume? Yup! Pretty amazing, right? You can use them to cook, drop them into your tea or water, or even take them in capsule form. The possibilities are endless!

If you are really into DIY and making things at home, you can buy vegetarian or vegan gel caps and drop the recommended amount of a specific oil into the capsule.

For specific EOs such as Grapefruit, you can drop it right under your tongue (sublingually) to take full advantage of its ultra high d-limonene content. These compounds scrub down the cell receptor sites when taken sublingually, because of the high vessel content underneath the tongue; it is the fastest route to the blood stream and bypasses the GI tract.

doTERRA also makes some droplets that you can buy directly and simplify. In our home we ❤️ love ❤️ the Peppermint Softgel. They aid in digestion, calm the GI tract if you’re having symptoms of IBS, and leave you with a cooling feeling in your tummy and esophagus.

My favorite oil to take internally is, you guessed it, Lemon! I warm some water and drop 1-3 drops straight into my cup for a big dose of goodness. Lemon oil comes from the rind of the lemon, and is antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, and a stimulant. Which means it will go a long way to keeping me healthy, and give me a natural boost in metabolism and energy!


What’s your EO Personality type?

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