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8 Ways to wake up every morning without coffee

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love coffee and enjoy it for the flavor and experience of warming comfort. But what I don’t love is feeling like a slave to the instant energy boost. I like to take control of my mornings by feeling like I can begin my day any which way I desire, without the repercussions of caffeine withdrawals.

If this sounds like you, or something you’re interested in incorporating into your morning, read on!


waking up is hard to do 🎶 here are 8 natural ways to wake up without caffeine.


Food Related Solutions

1. Drink waterRoom temperature water will run right through your entire system and flush out all of the junk that your body flushed out while you were sleeping. Because it is a rush of the good stuff, it will perk you (and your nervous system) right up! BONUS – put 1 drop of this in your water to boost metabolism, curb cravings, and manage hunger. Give it a couple of minutes to settle before drinking.


2. Have this immunity-boosting elixir 8oz of warm-to-hot water + 1-2 drops of lemon + 1 drop of gingerorganic honey, to taste. There are so many dimensions of healing in this one drink. Having it one to three times daily (depending on your need for healing) will surely do the job! As you repair on a cellular level, you will naturally increase in energy.


3. Clear your brain fog– 8oz of warm-to-hot water + 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar + organic honey, to taste. Flush toxins, reduce inflammation, and heal and fortify your gut microbiome with just one tablespoon each day. As you reduce inflammation (linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease), you clear the mental fog that comes from late nights and poor sleep. BONUS – add 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera juice for an added boost. It will balance the pH of your GI tract, aid in digestion, and increase with detoxification. 


4. Green Tea – I realize this sounds counterintuitive because we are trying to get off of the caffeine bandwagon here, but hear me out. The caffeine in Green tea is one of the only sources of natural caffeine that does not affect your nervous system. Read this as, you will feel a natural enhancement in energy without the jitters, crash, or the stress-loop that other caffeinated drinks cause. If you are still iffy about the caffeine in Green tea, consider Rooibos Green tea, which has all of the benefits of regular Green tea without the caffeine.


5. Energizing Morning Smoothie – 2 apples + 2 pears + small piece of ginger root + water, non-dairy milk, or other liquid. This smoothie will perk up your whole system, boost metabolism, and wake up your senses! For added benefits, throw in some greens.


Non-Food Related Solutions

6. Energizing Morning Stretches – Wake up your body with energizing morning stretches. It is best to do these as soon as you rise from bed, so plan to set your alarm 5-7 minutes earlier. Stretching toward the sun will invite light and renewal into your body. Also, planting your feet firmly into the ground will help with grounding throughout your day. Supplement with this for a pick-me-up throughout your busy day.


7. Stream of Consciousness – You’ll find this golden nugget tucked under “journaling”, “meditation”, or even “morning pages”. Stream of Consciousness journaling is a practice of, literally, emptying your thoughts onto the page without concern for grammar, spelling, format, or other distractions. Just let it all out, Sister! Instant stress booster, mood uplifter, and energy enhancer!


8. Make a List – Any list – be creative! This will help in organizing your thoughts (and your day), and will give you an instant boost in energy, confidence, and productivity. Here are some ideas to get you started: * 3 small goals and 1 large goal you would like to accomplish that day * 3 things you are grateful for (be creative, even the littlest things count!) * 3 things that inspire you * 3 things you like about yourself


Your Personal Treasure is almost meaningless if you're not experiencing the Journey to get to it.

Whichever method you choose, just be sure you ENJOY the Journey toward healing!

If you have tried these, are new to these, or interested in adopting any of these, comment below and share your story! This is a place of support for you as you grow.

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