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Turn your Mind’s Eye inward

The Mind's Eye helps us to see inward

Humans are the only animals on Earth with the ability to think consciously.

We have an awareness of our Soul, our conscious Mind, and we are able to “hear” our voices of reason. (More about this in this month’s Sublimation Coaching newsletter.  Find it here!)

However, these things are not physical.

Neither the Soul nor Mind can be conjured up with a standardized image. Their imagery is unique to each of us as they relate to our own lives and experiences. (More about this idea in this month’s Creative Experiential Newsletter.  Find it here!)

Scientists have yet to find a physical location within the brain that is home to the Mind.

Belief in a Soul is primarily spiritual or religious, and relies heavily on a Faith of sorts.

Together they function collaboratively as the essence of a Being, yet we have no physical proof of either.

Have you ever thought of what your Spirit and Mind may look like?

If you could ascribe imagery to them, would they have shape, color, or form?

Would they be abstract or resemble images familiar in our physical world?

Have you ever thought of trying to give an image to these intangible parts of yourself?

The practice of Art Therapy allows us to use our Creative Mind and imagination to create unique imagery that is personal to each of us and our experiences.

I have found a way to merge my trainings as an Art Psychotherapist and a Life Coach to bring to my clients a Creativity centered approach to a more fulfilling Life.

If you find yourself curiously pondering the questions I pose to you here today, or are interested in learning more about what I do, please email me at

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