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Tough Love just doesn’t work

Are you the type to use “tough love” to get yourself into tip-top shape? Does Self-deprecation really work to get you where you want to go?

Try finding acceptance for the body you're in now, so you can love that body when you get it to where you desire it in the future


I have news for you.

You can’t hate yourself into the body you want.

The key to getting the body you want is loving the body you’re in. Right now.


This one.

The body that hurts, that is too thick here or too wide there. The body that you verbally and psychically abuse nonstop.

You can’t transform into who you want to be by beating yourself up.

It just 👏 doesn’t 👏 work.

Becoming who you want to be is all about finding pleasure.

In Life.

In food.

And in the little things.

Transformation becomes much more enjoyable when you Love your Self along the Journey!

When you are able to find Joy in the mundane, it spills over into other areas of your Life.

When you discover Joy in your Life, it spills over into your relationship with food.

And it’s when you have a good relationship with food that you’ll be better able to decipher the signals your body is sending you.


If you desire to understand your body’s wisdom and the lessons it’s trying to teach you, consider scheduling a free consultation with me to personalize your experience.

I am trained in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, and have the skills to teach you how to better embody.

My unique training has equipped me with an understanding of nourishment that goes far beyond classical nutrition.

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