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Thank You!

Big Thanks for your inspiration and stories!

I have found myself in a time of transition:

We have made a major move to another state; my tiny tot is growing quickly, nearly crawling and about to sprout her first tooth; and my honey will be going back to school while working full-time.

While I’m surrounded by all of this growth and development, I feel like I’ve somehow lost my way.

But I’m back in full swing and ready to roll again with
excitement, motivation, and a new energy!

Much of what has helped me get my mojo back are all of the wonderfully written blog posts and amazingly inspiring words you’ve shared!  It’s true, through all of the chaos I’ve somehow managed to keep up with reading your posts (thank you smart phone)!

So, a special Thank You goes out to all of you special folks.  I appreciate you and the hard work you put into sharing your life stories, your artwork, your knowledge, your conversations with God, and your own inspirations with the rest of us 🙂

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