Success Stories

Success Stories from former clients and workshop participants

Workshop Testimonials:

Abigail. Cooking For Weight Loss Workshop Participant

As women, coming together to share our personal histories with food and diet can be intimidating.? We often question whether we are making the best choices for ourselves and those we love.

Rita’s class provides a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere for such discussion.
Rita is gifted with the ability to communicate what she has learned with both confidence and humility.

A committed life-long learner, Rita eagerly shares the benefits she has witnessed as a result of making positive eating choices while also acknowledging changing trends through continued scientific discovery.

Rita’s class meets you where you are in real life, presenting not a destination, but a path to healthier eating and healthier living.


Gabriela. Cooking For Weight Loss Workshop Participant

I went to the ?Cooking for weight loss? workshop that Rita held and it was really good. Rita gave us a folder with a lot of information, including some recipes to help us get started.

She was open about her experiences and it was easy to talk to her. I also enjoyed that she offered child care, so I was able to go with my 2 young kids – this was huge.

She knows her stuff and I am very grateful to have met her.?:)


Kelly. Cooking For Weight Loss Workshop Participant

I would like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful experience I had at the home of Rita H. ?I attended one of the workshops she offers “Cooking for Weight Loss”.

What I learned was valuable, but who I met is priceless.? What an inspiring individual!


Bessie. Kombucha Home Brewing Workshop Participant

Rita did a fabulous presentation and class, despite guest parking hurdles, late comers, crying babies and novices to Kombucha making! She was warm and hospitable, personable and knowledgeable, patient and thorough. Just what the class needed.

Rita made herself available after the class as well. She encouraged us to text with any further questions or challenges, especially after our first brew was ready.

My first batch was a success! Which only goes to prove that Rita is indeed a great coach!


Coaching Testimonials:




George. Human Resources Professional; Ontario, CA

To say Rita is a God send is an understatement. She has helped me in many ways working through different challenges in my life (family, money, work, relationship), and every time I come to Rita with my head up in the sky and my thoughts all over the place, she manages to help me get through them a better man.

We live in a society where a man should take care of his own issues or talk to his bro?s to work through difficult situations. But ask yourself how many men actually call their ?bro? to discuss relationship problems, or finances, or even personal accountability. We, men, are taught to protect our ego and asking for help is a sign of weakness.? Believing in that actually does a disservice for ourselves rather than helping.

Rita is so knowledgeable and has walked me through each obstacle in my life.? There is no judgment or condemnation because she creates a welcoming environment.? After calming me down from the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, Rita then directs my focus in the direction I should be going. She never condones or condemns any answers or decisions I make, but she asks questions to make me think of why I?m feeling such feelings. Rita then helps me come up with solutions; solutions I had within me yet had no skills to utilize them. Rita taught me such skills, skills that I now use in problem solving and every day encounters.

With all the great things Rita does, there is one caveat. She is not a babysitter and will challenge you to take personal accountability and hold you to deadlines.? The more you put into your personal transformation, the greater the results. Many of us have good intentions, yet we fail in following through.? I have worked with Rita on creating schedules for better time management, to allow me time for work, school, and leisure time.

She has helped me face one of my worst demons, my finances. I was of the mentality if I don?t see the debt, it isn?t really there.? With Rita?s help I was able to face the truth and take a hard look at my finances and come up with realistic ways on tackling debt.? We held weekly meetings and I had to share what progress I had.

I consider myself religious and Rita incorporates religion if you so choose. I chose to do that and I?m so glad I had. Rita not only talks from her personal knowledge and expertise, but she ties things to God and His divine plan for us.

I am forever grateful to Rita for changing my life and making me look at life and decisions differently.? If you?re ready for real change, change that will introduce you to your true self, then Rita is the coach for you.


Lauren. Apartment Manager, Mom of 2; Apex, NC

I enrolled in Rita?s coaching program in an attempt to bring some order to my chaotic life.? Rita was incredibly kind and caring, and helped me work through some of my toughest issues.? She helped me develop different ways of dealing with anxiety, negativity, and helped me identify and remove some very toxic elements in my life.? She guided me through goal setting in a way that made it easy to track and realize my progress throughout the coaching process. ?

Rita was extremely flexible with my busy schedule and her rates are very affordable.? I continue to use what I learned from her in my day to day life.? I am able to work through my stress and worry much more effectively and am genuinely much happier. ? Coaching, literally, changed my life.


Cyndi. University Professor; Long Beach, CA

I worked with ?Coach Rita? for about 3 months. I have always been a very disciplined and goal oriented person, so when my life started getting too hectic at work, too burdensome in my relationship, and too empty of ?taking-care-of-me-time?, I hit a wall and had to acknowledge I needed some guidance to get back on track.

I was a little timid because I am a very private person, but Rita really creates a safe environment and comfort zone that allowed me to open up about my anxieties and concerns without feeling hesitant.

Her guidance is optimal because as she worked with me, I felt she was guiding me into myself again? sort of walking me through who I am, what I wanted in life, where I wanted to be, and how to get there.

Within a two months’ period, with Rita?s guidance, I was ?back on my feet?, moving through life differently, with a healthier pace and more positive outlook. I felt less tired, less stressed, and much happier. The term ?Life Coach? fits her quite well!



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