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Sublimation Coaching is making a comeback!

Here's my New Year update!


Hey, Y’all!

If you’ve been following SC, then I’m sure you realize I’ve been off line and without many posts for the past several months.

I have a good reason: I had a baby!! Hooray!

Josephine is now 3 months old and I’m ready to jump back in with new experientials, posts, and newsletters!

If you’d like to catch up by reading my archived material, check out my pages Get Your Creativity On! for the monthly Creativity Experientials, Newsletters home page for the monthly Personal Growth newsletters, and find my articles here.

Start the New Year off right!


They say that the average person ditches their New Year’s Resolution by Valentine’s Day; don’t let this be the case with you!

Let Sublimation Coaching help you find what stirs you from within, and keep those Self-loving and Creative juices flowing all year!


I offer Coaching services in the areas of Relationships, Spirituality, Health/Wellness, and Personal goals.

If you have ideas that you’re playing with (“hmm… What type of person would I like to become this year?”) or feel like you’re one of the general public who will most likely ditch your New Year’s Resolution by V. Day, then consider investing in yourself by working with a Coach.

I promise, you won’t regret it!  It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself – the ultimate in Self love and Self care (and you know Sublimation Coaching is ALL about those things) 😊

Please email me at if you are interested in learning more about my services.

Best wishes for a Creatively energized 2013!  See you soon with new material!

Rita H <3

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