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Strange, but true, facts about your health

I have always been fascinated by the design and function of the human body. If you have ever wanted to witness a true miracle with your very own eyes, just look at all the ways your body functions to keep you alive, repair itself, allow you to be mobile, think, speak, hear, taste, and so much more.

But there are some pretty wild things about the body that still amaze me! On my endless journey to learn and understand the human condition as a whole, I’ve picked up some very strange, but completely true, tidbits along the way.

Here are 5 that simply amaze me:



1. Stretching your calves will relieve foot pain. There are 3 layers of muscle tissue and tendons that stretch and connect from the calf to the sole of the foot. When the calf muscles are not regularly stretched they shorten and contract, causing the muscles in the soles of the feet to also shorten and contract. Walking on contracted muscles is cause for lots of pain!

Regular activity and daily stretching is a great way to keep all of the above mentioned muscles limber and loose, to keep you on your feet without any pain. A basic lunge is a great place to begin. Be mindful of your form and posture. You will want to feel the stretch in your calves and the work will naturally happen in your feet as a result.



2. You can survive about 30 days without food but only about 3 days without water.  Because the human body is roughly 60% water-based, this means you can dehydrate and perish pretty quickly if you are not mindful of your water intake. Everything from cellular function, to body temperature, to fat burning capacity is contingent upon how much water you consume.


Summer fruits such as melons and berries, and raw veggies such as leafy greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes contain loads of water. You can always consider eating your hydration if you’re not interested in drinking it!



3. The area of absorptive tissue in the small intestine is about 2,700 square feet. That’s larger than a standard competitive tennis court! The small intestine’s purpose is to absorb water and nutrients from the digested mush that travels down from your stomach.


Taking bites that are too big causes you to swallow portions of food that are not fully chewed. These larger particles of partially digested food will not provide adequate nutrition to be absorbed in your small intestine.



4. A deep yawn is a built-in mechanism that can put you into nearly instant relaxation. Scientist are still saying they don’t fully understand the purpose of a yawn, but if you ask me, it’s your body asking for a really deep breath – and for specific reasons! Consider that you yawn when you are tired but still fully awake. Your body is pushing you into parasympathetic nervous system dominance to force you into a more relaxed state so that you can sleep peacefully. Beautiful!

If you want to achieve the same purpose but are not feeling a yawn coming on, simply take a deep breath: inhale about ¾ full for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale completely for 5 seconds. Rinse and repeat as needed 😬



5. The heart radiates electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs) that can be scientifically measured up to 8-10 feet surrounding you. The brain emits EMFs up to 3 feet. So if you have ever struggled with the notion of head vs. heart, here is your answer!


The heart doesn’t always get the credit it’s deserving of. It is very powerful for more than just keeping us alive, and communicates with organs as much as, and sometimes more, than the brain! Want to know more? Check out The HeartMath Solution for the details on this amazing natural phenomenon.



Your body was Created and designed beautifully! These are just a few of my favorite strange, but true, facts. If you like what you’ve read here comment below and share your favorite fact!

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