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Step 8: Accept that you’re NEVER too old


You’re never too … (fill in the blank)!

The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for an artist.? The humility and openness of being a beginner leads to exploration; exploration leads to accomplishment, and all of it begins with the first small and scary step of ?beginning!

As Self-saboteurs we love to pretend that we can never begin because it is too late.


A fearful person asks, ?Do you know how old I?ll be by the time I learn to (play the piano, paint with Oils, choreograph a dance, sing like Mariah ?)??

The answer is the same for all of us: The same age you will be if you don?t.? And the caveat is that you will probably be much more unhappy or unfulfilled if you don?t.

Our Ego (there it is again!) plays tricks on us to keep us from getting started.? The year it may take to progress from beginning Oil painting to intermediate seems like an eternity; too much time to invest.?There are always more important things that need to be done in that year?s time.

Instead of allowing ourselves the Creative Journey, we focus on the length of the trip, inevitably, never taking it.? If you can remember that each day is one more day with some motion toward a very enjoyable goal, you are more likely to be flexible and graceful with yourself.? And who knows, you may actually enjoy yourself along the way!

At the heart of starving ourselves of creativity and thus, delight, is the denial of process.? See, creativity is more than the act of creating a lasting object.? It is more so about the process of creating and the joy that the creative process brings us.

If you are interested in learning more about the creative process, check out the idea of flow by Mih?ly Cs?kszentmih?lyi.? Feed your Soul by losing yourself in flow of your own creativity, free of Ego and Self-judgement!

If you’re interested in getting in touch with you’re creative side – i.e. feelings of uninhibited freedom, – experiencing the creative process or embarking upon your own Creative Journey, join me in a conversation by emailing me at

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