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Step 6: Trust in your Spiritual Source

?Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous.? That has more of an effect on economic well-being than any other single factor.?????

— Paul Hawken

Trust your Spiritual Source

How many times have you limited yourself from really living Life and doing things that seem joyful because you feel you can?t afford it?

Money always seems to be the deal breaker: I don?t have enough of it; I would rather use that amount on something more important; I will save for a magnificent vacation, which I will inevitably never take because I don?t want to spend the large sum I?ve been saving for the last year.

The list of excuses goes on, and on, and on!!

The truth is, if you could just spend a little of that money on things that make you happy, your Spiritual Source will provide for you in bounty.

In other words, when you take care of your Self, so too will your Spiritual Source.

Many of us equate difficulty with virtue, and the act of creating with fooling around.? Hard work is good.? Difficulties build our Moral fiber.? Something that comes easily, say, a talent for painting, must be some sort of cheap trick and not taken seriously.

This is FLAWED thinking!? Our Spiritual Source wants us to be happy, joyous, free, and to engage in the things that we are good at – including creativity!

We often have this screwed up notion that committing to our own happiness comes with the hefty price tag of an empty wallet, pain, isolation, and it could never work out.

It is just easier to stick with ?what works?, even when it?s NOT working for us!? But this is not true.

As mentioned before, creativity flows from your Spiritual Source, and that same Spiritual Source is fed by engaging in creative acts.

If you could learn to trust your Spiritual Source, that (He, She, They, It ?) wants you to be creative, joyous, and free, then you will find inspiration around every corner, free from the shackles of judgement and Self-criticism.

The often surprising bonus is that you will always find the financial means to enjoy yourself! : )

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