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Step 2: Nurture your emerging creative Self

Stop putting others before yourself

OK, so you have the canvas, paints, and brushes. Now what?? Oh, that?s right, ?Susan needed help rearranging her living room; I?ll just help her with that, then I?ll paint later tonight when I get home.?? Or, ?I think I?ll try out this new recipe for slow bake chili tonight for the family.? That will take far too long for me to begin painting today, so I?ll just start tomorrow.?

Stop putting others before yourself to a fault, and start setting aside real time to nurture your Inner Child!? We tend to focus not on our responsibilities to ourselves, but on our responsibilities to others.? Additionally, we believe such behavior makes us good people.? It doesn?t.? What it makes us is frustrated people.

Get in touch with your spirituality and stay away from drama

Creativity flourishes when you have a sense of safety and self-acceptance.? The key ingredient to nurturing your creative Self lies in nurturing yourself.? Through nurturing yourself, you nurture your ties to your spiritual center, which is from where creativity flows freely.

While trying to attain a sense of safety and Self-acceptance, it is important that you avoid being dragged down by those around you whose personalities create storm centers.? These people are charismatic but out of control, long on problems and short on solutions.? They like drama, attention, and are irresistible to we who love to ?fix?.

If you are involved with someone (or more than one) who fits this description, it is important that you admit to yourself that this person will only prevent you from exploring and attaining creativity.

Skeptics, expert blamers, drama queens, disorganized and destructive, these people will find every reason for you?not to?achieve safety and self-acceptance.? Keep them, and yourself, in check.

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