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Step 12: Have Faith!

This is the final step in the series The 12 Steps to a More Creative and Stress-free Life, but the Journey is far from over!

Step 12: Have Faith!

Creativity requires Faith, and Faith requires that we give up control.? This can be very frightening for many of us, which is why we resist Creativity in the first place.

Our resistance is a form of Self-destruction, road-blocks we put in our own path.

But WHY on Earth would we do this to ourselves?!?? To maintain an illusion of control.

Depression, like anger and anxiety, is resistance, and it creates dis-ease, manifesting itself as sluggishness, confusion, ?I don?t know ??

The Universe will always support affirmative action; this means you have to actually DO?something!? Once we trigger an internal YES! by affirming our truest goals and desires, the Universe mirrors that YES! and expands it.? Only then can doors open where there were no doors before.

The experience of creative living, and living creatively, argues that hobbies are essential to the joy of life.

So you don?t believe yourself to be a singer, dancer, painter, sculptor, writer, poet, whatever, but that doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy creative living.

Find your hobby by paying attention to what stirs you as you move about your day.

Was that brisk walk particularly refreshing?? Did you find great joy in crocheting a blue scarf for yourself?? If these are the moments that give rise to emotion ? the good, the bad, and the ugly ? pay special attention to that and use it as direction for how to proceed.

As we serve our hobby, we become freed from our Ego?s demands and allow the experience of merging with a greater source.? These are the experiences that often lead to personal and creative problem solving, so allow yourself this small gesture!

We must get serious about taking ourselves lightly, and we must work at learning to play.? We are intended to Create, and that we must do!

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