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Step 11: Find value from within

Have you ever completed a project and felt yourself glowing from the inside with joy and pride for your work?? What a wonderful feeling!? Has that soaring emotion been dampened by a ?wet blanket?, or a person who steals your thunder?? How deflating and discouraging!

It?s no wonder it has taken you so long to jump back into the creative Flow beneath the surface!

In Step 11 we learn to find value from within ourselves rather than outside sources.


This can be extremely tough to do, and as mentioned by reader Katrina,

?? if I think something is perfect and then someone else finds fault with it, do you have any idea what that does to me?!?? It?s not pretty, but I?m working on it ??.

?It?s not pretty? is the simplest way of putting it; other adjectives can include: devastating, crippling, shameful, fearful, annoying, hurtful, and the list can go on and on.

Just as we learn to let others determine our value, so must we unlearn this harmful thought process.? Unfortunately, unlearning is not as easy as learning and will require some tough love and Self work.

There is a connection between Self-nurturing, Self-worth, and Self-respect.

If you can learn to respect your Self more, you will want to take better care of yourself, and in turn, will find your value and worth from within rather than without.

Similarly, if you nurture your Self a little every now and then, you will inevitably grow to respect yourself more and the result is higher feelings of Self-worth.

Incorporating these 11 steps (and the soon coming 12th step) into your daily, weekly, and/or monthly routines of Self-care are one sure fire way of getting the ball rolling!

Some other tools include: exercise; meditation; prayer; disconnecting from electronics for extended periods of time; reading a book; taking a hot bubble bath; getting a facial, manicure, or pedicure; journaling; taking a weekend retreat; walking in Nature; and surrounding yourself with love and people who uplift you.

Let the Sublimation Coaching community help support you through your journey! Post your struggles and wins on the SC Facebook page or leave a comment below.

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