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Step 1: Acknowledge your core negative beliefs and replace them with positive alternatives

Acknowledging your core negative beliefs

How do you do this?? First, acknowledge that your creative Self is linked to your inner child; the inner child is that part of you that, many years ago, used to play with great imagination and freedom, untroubled and free from self-judgement.

Recovering this carefree state of Self requires slow and gentle baby steps.? You must be willing to let go, be silly, treat yourself to things, and admit that it won?t be an easy process – all free from self-judgment.

Here is a list of commonly held negative beliefs.? Please add to the list some of your own thoughts:

I can?t ?(be more creative, be ?less stressed, take time for myself) because ?:

Everyone will hate me.
I will hurt my friends and family.
I will abandon my friends and family.
I can?t spell/draw/paint/build/sculpt/act/sing/dance.
My ideas are not good enough.
It will upset my mother and/or father.
I will have to be alone.
I will do bad work and not know it and look like a fool.
I will feel too angry.
I will never have/make any real money.
I will die of embarrassment.
I will feel bad because I don?t deserve to be successful.
It is too late/I am too old.

Replace those beliefs with positive alternatives

Once you?ve identified your core negative beliefs, spend some time writing down positive alternatives to them.

For example:?I can?t treat myself to a canvas and some paints because nobody will take me seriously as an artist.

Replace with:?I will treat myself to a canvas and some paints because it will be fun to experiment and play with lines and color.

For example:?I can’t build this business because it will fail and I’ll be discouraged and humiliated.

Replace with: I will adjust my expectations and start slow and steady to avoid failure.

Allow yourself to invest in your creative Self by breaking through barriers of fear and core negative beliefs, which are partners in crime.

Using positive affirmations to replace these negative thoughts and beliefs will help you achieve a sense of safety and hope.

What are some of the negative beliefs you have about yourself that you’re struggling with, and how can we help you turn them into positive affirmations?

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