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Rely on your body + Inner Wisdom rather than a diet plan

Chronic dieting; defining value and worth by a number on the scale; experimenting with every weight loss program on the market; subscribing to the “start fresh Monday” mentality.

Do any of these resonate with your approach to getting healthy or losing weight? If so, then this is for you.


What if I told you that you can lose weight and feel good in your skin without relying on an external program?

Could you put a price on finally being able to trust your body for guidance? To decode what to eat and how to move in a way that feels good, without guilt or shame?


If you’ve been following me long enough, you know what I’m all about: breaking away from the diet and nutrition “norms” that society tells us we should follow.

Many people have found success with intuitive eating, and for good reason. Intuitive eating is the first step to learning how to trust your body. It is a method of eating where you remain conscious and embodied before, during, and after eating a meal.


Certified Coach Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition

Intuitive Eating vs. Eating Psychology

Intuitive eating asks you to become more aware of your hunger and fullness signals by maintaining awareness of body (embodiment) while eating. It asks you to eat the foods you love and enjoy, and to eat everything in moderation.

In my line of work – Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition – I take it one (or 10) steps further than intuitive eating. (Learn more about my approach here).

Together we will address your personal hunger and fullness cues. These can vary from person to person and can transform as our body makes natural changes with age. We will talk about which foods you love to eat and whether those foods are Life-giving or energy draining.

But Eating Psychology has little to do with the foods you eat. In my program you will not be counting calories or measuring portions. There will be no specialized meal plans to follow (unless you require one). You can, literally, have your cake and eat it, too!

Are Eating Psychology & Intuitive Eating the same thing??


Together, we will talk about the psychological baggage that is keeping you stuck in a diet loop. We will get to the root of why you binge or restrict; who you are when you sit down to eat (are you that scared child who is being berated for her weight?); how to cope with difficult emotions without turning to food, and so much more.

When you trust yourself, you won't need to set up reward systems to feel joy


Learning to trust your body can be such a fun process if you are willing to try. You will learn embodiment, what type of movement you love and what you don’t love. You will figure out what your body’s personal cues are when you are stressed, frightened, happy, content, and more. And you will learn how to use these cues to transform your Life!

Tuning in to your Inner Wisdom is a little less straight forward. Inner Wisdom looks and sounds differently to each of us. It takes some blind faith to give us the confidence to keep tuning in and listening, but eventually, like a muscle, it strengthens and grows. Then, it eventually becomes second nature to trust that higher Self and its guidance.

Regardless of which road you take to get there, finding trust in your Self and in your body will change your Life forever. Let me help you get there with personalized mentoring services – this is no one-size-fits-all approach, such as the diet industry would have you believe.

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.


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