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When you're open, your Divine Creator will always reveal what you need to know

The universe has really been communicating to me in the past couple of weeks.

For the first time in a very long time, the noise in my head has been quiet enough to receive the messages it is sending.

There was a moment last week when an idea was really being emphasized by a fellow practitioner; “Get out there and meet like-minded others!” he said, “Share what you do and LOVE what you do!”

The very next evening I was introduced to a very like-minded individual who does JUST what I do!

She has the most gentle energy about her. She’s easy to talk to, has clear eyes that make it easy to be in contact with while talking.  She is just who I needed to meet and the universe ensured that we would meet, as long as I was willing to receive its message.

Last night I attended a talk by this person about being open and receptive to accepting love into your Life.  It was fantastic, and she carried that gentle energy into the room.

I believe every person in there felt it from her.

This morning in my Yoga practice we concluded the session in the Goddess pose, which was described as the pose of receptivity.

Again, I felt that the universe was communicating something to me.  Instantly, I realized that what was being reinforced was this idea of being open, receptive, with clear and flowing energy throughout my Body and Soul.

Maybe I’ve been in a rough patch because of this blocked energy.

Could it be that my frustrations with different parts of my Life are being exasperated by my being closed off?  By my subconscious unwillingness to be open and receptive to the cues and messages that are being sent my way every day?

I hear you, universe!  Your message has been received!

This is the beginning of a new path, a new Journey.

I am ready and open to receiving these messages, these subtleties that are easily lost in the fog of our chaotic and confusing days.

Are you?


If you are interested in releasing blocked and muddied energy, and opening yourself up to receive the messages that are sent to you by your Divine Creator, feel free to get in touch at

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