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Mentorship – Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition


This program is for you if you:

  • are concerned about your eating patterns, such as: over eating, binge eating, emotional eating, obsession with food, restrictions, or chronic dieting
  • struggle with your body image
  • suffer from digestive upset, fatigue, brain fog, poor immunity, skin irritations, or inexplicable pain
  • and more!


Has Life got you feeling … confused? lethargic? exhausted? anxious?

How much money do you spend, on average, on caffeinated drinks and prescription meds to boost your energy and calm your nervous system?

What about the time and money spent going from doctor to therapist, only to feel like you’re not actually moving through your problems, but rather you’re feeling pretty stuck?

How do you feel about your body and weight? Do you ever feel like you are on an endless loop of diets and cleanses and visits to the gym, and yet you still don’t feel good in your own skin?

Ugh, how frustrating!

Gentle guidance and mentoring will cast a light on the beliefs, behaviors, and foods that are keeping you feeling stuck in a cycle of shame and regret.

In this 90-day* program, you will begin to transform your health, your weight, and your relationship to food in a whole new way –

  • without crash dieting
  • without restricting foods or calories
  • without ever stepping foot in a gym (unless you want to!)

* There is an option to extend this program beyond the 90-day commitment if both parties feel it is necessary.



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