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Package – Sparkle & Shine: 30 days to a deeper clean


Simplify cleaning, reduce your toxic load, remove toxins and residues from your home and precious memorabilia.

Ditch the chemicals and deep clean your home with this 30 day program and Norwex!


Simplify cleaning, reduce your toxic load, remove toxins and residues from your home and precious memorabilia.

Norwex is famous around the world for providing safer alternatives to conventional cleaners. Their patented microfiber technology is designed to attract, grab, and remove up to 99% of germs and bacteria when properly used and cared for.

Norwex microfiber products are interwoven with micro silver, Nature’s antibiotic. So these towels can be used over and over again between laundering, giving you peace of Mind and reducing your Carbon Footprint.

This package comes complete with 31 digital prompts that can all be completed with just 5 Norwex products! After just 1 month, your home will be free from artificial scents, residues, and harmful chemicals as you begin to reduce your toxic load and heal on a cellular level.

Included in this package:

  • 31 deep-cleaning prompts, yours to keep forever! These digital prompts will encourage and motivate you to dust off those forgotten corners of your home.
  • EnviroCloth, the most versatile Norwex cloth available. It is plush and sure to clean up any mess with ease.
  • Window Cloth, which is your drying and polishing cloth. Make your windows, mirrors, silver, and jewels sparkle and shine with this cloth.
  • Dusting Mitt, which electromagnetically attracts and traps dust so you can clean without a dust storm and without pushing the mess from one corner to the next.
  • Cleaning Paste, also known as elbow grease in a jar! This compact puck works best when you dab it with a wet towel or sponge. It is slightly scouring, so test a small sample area prior to use.
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent, which doubles as a spot treatment for your stains. It is ultra concentrated so you just need 1-3 pumps depending on load size and level of soil. Wash a load of your Norwex cloths with just 1 pump!


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