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Founded over 27 years ago in one of the most environmentally friendly countries on Earth, Norwex® has shared the Norwegian Experience with millions around the globe to deliver safer, healthier and more sustainable cleaning and personal care solutions.

Norwex’s global mission is to improve your quality of Life by radically reducing chemicals in your home. They take it one step further by helping you to keep your body free from tissue- and cell-damaging toxins with their quality products. That’s a mission I can stand behind!

Norwex began in Norway in 1994. As demand for their products has grown throughout the world, they have expanded into a total of 15 countries—spreading their Mission across four continents!


Norwex dish sponges and dish cloth


I began using Norwex in my home in 2016. It was not my first introduction to the company and their revolutionary products, but it was my first time dipping my toes into the Norwex Revolution.

I had been on my Clean Living Transition for just over two years, and I was noticing a huge difference in how I felt physically, emotionally, and energetically. So when it was time to take the next step in my transition, it was a no brainer; Norwex was on my radar. I was just waiting for the right opportunity to begin learning about and using these revolutionary products.

What my customers are saying

I really love the Lysere moisturizer! So soft on my delicate and sensitive skin.


My nephew loves his Kids Bath Sponge, and so does my sister because now he can wash himself with ease.


I’ve been a huge fan of so many of these products, I don’t even know where to start. The SpiriSponge did wonders for my fridge when it got really gross and sticky. Just a bit of water and the mess wiped clean! The Bath Towels are super absorbent and I love that they wrap all the way around me and stay put. And the Ultra Power Plus powdered detergent makes a great multipurpose cleaner, so I don’t have six different bottles of cleaner just to clean my home. Amazing!

These are no ordinary microfiber cloths, and here’s why!

I hear people complain all the time that Norwex cloths are just overpriced microfiber that they can purchase cheaper elsewhere.

Let me tell you why that is not true!

Norwex cloths are not just superior in their ability to rid your home of germs and bacteria, they are superior in their construction. And that, my friend, is what makes them better.

Microfiber 101

Norwex microfibers are split as fine as mechanically possible in order to create the most absorbent and functional cloth products on the market. The more a fiber of microfiber is split, the finer it becomes, and the more it absorbs.

standard microfiber
Source: Norwex – Image: Standard Microfiber vs germs & bacteria

norwex microfiber
Source: Norwex – Image: Norwex Microfiber vs germs & bacteria










Norwex fibers are 1/200th the thickness of a strand of human hair (‼️) This allows each tiny strand of microfiber to cover more surface area, giving you a cleaner clean.

These superior microfiber products have been third-party tested and proven to wipe up 99% of bacteria and germs from any surface, using only water. This is only the case when you properly use and care for your microfiber per the included instructions.


What my customers are saying

Safe cloths with fast results, especially when the kids want to help with the cleaning. They, too, feel proud with the quick results, and I don’t have to worry about messy sprays or chemicals.


EnviroCloth was fantastic at just wiping the pollen from my windows without blowing it everywhere! I love that it only takes one hand and one cloth to wipe up a nasty mess with little effort.


I truly feel good about letting my granddaughter help me with cleaning. I don’t have to tend to her, or be too watchful since we are not using toxic chemicals to clean; she just needs the cloth and some water!

How is it possible for a cloth to pick up bacteria with only water?

I see you, and I hear your skepticism. I know, it’s too good to be true – but it IS true! And here’s how: BacLock



Norwex uses Nature’s antibiotic, micro silver, in each and every microfiber product they manufacture. They call this BacLock Technology, and it is what ensures that your cloth products will not transfer germs from one surface to another. Because the micro silver is embedded wit, and why you can use and reuse these cloths over and over again between launderings without causing harm.

BacLock helps to self-purify the wet cloths as they dry. Fungus, mold, bacterial odors, and germs are trapped within the finely woven microfibers, and inhibited from growth and spread.

What my customers are saying

The Hair Wrap actually soaks the water from my thick, curly hair! I will admit, I was skeptical at first. It usually takes a good, long blow dry to get my hair to damp, so I wasn’t sure this little wrap would do the job. But it does, and I no longer need to blow dry my hair before bed because it is just damp enough to finish air drying on its own. Incredible!


The Body & Face cloth is AMAZING!!! I love using it to remove my makeup, and bonus points for not having to shop for cleansers!


As a physician and an admitted germaphobe, I am all about soap and water. But I have an open mind and decided to try using the Body & Face cloth for a week … no soap. Here are my findings and opinions:
1. No body odor!
2. My dry skin and eczema are better, and my skin is much softer and less itchy
3. My face is less red and irritated
I’m a believer now!

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