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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year 2020

Is it just me, or has this Holiday Season crept up on us?

I’ve been keeping busy growing Sublimation Coaching, so time is flying right past me in a blur.

If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve finished my books and they’re now available on AmazonThe Eating for Energy & Weight Loss book, the Mindset Makeover Workbook, and the Food & Symptom Tracking Journal.

Thank you if you have pre-ordered your copies. I will be expecting them soon and will have them to you before too long.


There are so many things that can be said about this year. It has been amazing for some — the slowing down, the simplicity of life, the time with loved ones. But I know it has also been incredibly difficult for so many — being isolated from friends and family, sickness, death, fear all around us.

I’d like to challenge you to reflect as we near the end of this year and approach what we all hope is a new beginning.

What is one positive word, phrase, or experience you can say about 2020? What is one word, phrase, or thought you’d like to take with you into 2021?

I would love for you to share if you’re willing, and you can do so by commenting below or emailing me here.

In this final message of 2020, I want to wish you a very warm and Merry Christmas. Although it may look different from years past, I hope you can create special memories and new traditions with your loved ones. I’m prayerful for many blessings, good health, and peace for you in 2021.

I will be back to writing in January, so I hope you’ll stick around.

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