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Your mood is not all in your head

Friends, I am SO CLOSE to finishing my intensive training in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition!

I am 10 days away from my final exam!

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Thank you to all of you who have been following my Journey! Your continued support means the world to me!

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Let’s talk about those mood swings.

Sure, we can continue to blame PMS. It’s easy.

But what if I challenged you to look deeper?

To consider that your moods might be influenced by food sensitivities, stress, environmental factors, and even your gut health.

Would you believe me?


mood swings


It’s so true!

There are the obvious culprits – sugar, too much of the foods we know our body doesn’t agree with (they may be different for each of us), exhaustion, and hunger.

But pollution? Gut health? Food sensitivities?

Who knew!


Our mood is very sensitive to the balance of nutrients we take in. For example, if we are low in essential fats, we are going to be cranky and irritable. The same goes for being thirsty, having too much caffein, or being low in protein.

If we eat too fast we will have troubled digestion, which will also put you in a funky mood.


They key to managing those wide swings
from one extreme to the next is to
empower ourselves around moods, emotions and feelings.


When we “force” ourselves out of a bad mood, or take some controlled substance to “make it go away”, we are not embracing the mood and listening to what it’s trying to tell us.

Our moods are more than just mere chemistry.

We are not lesser Human Beings because we feel deeply or emotionally, or because we don’t always respond to things gracefully.

In fact, it’s time we start looking to those feelings and triggers and ask them, “what are you asking of me?”

Could you be asking me to clean up my diet? Take better care of my health?

Or could you be asking me to sit silently and reflect? Maybe this is a signal that I’m in need of some personal growth?

Regardless, know that the wisdom of the body is here to teach us if we are willing to listen.

If you find yourself feeling burdened by your feelings, emotions, or swings in your mood from moment to moment, know that you are not alone.

Know that there is help, and it doesn’t have to require pharmaceuticals.

In my training in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, I’m learning how intricately designed the body is.

How thoughts, feelings, beliefs about ourselves and our food all impact how, what, and when we eat.

But also, that how, what, and when we eat can inversely impact our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves.

If you’d like to explore these concepts more, email me at to schedule your free discovery session.

And … Stay tuned for the final post about the end of my training! Thank you for being here!

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