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Mind The Curves: change your Mind, change your body


October is the launch of my newest program,

Mind The Curves: change your Mind, change your body.

Mind The Curves is an?intensive 8-week?program designed?to teach you how to keep the extra pounds off?this Holiday Season (10/31 – 12/31

In this program I’ll be teaching you the tools to be able to walk into any decadent Holiday party and say, “thank you, but no thank you” to the array of sweets and free foods at your disposal without fear, regret, or negative self-talk.

The program begins October 28 and ends December 20.

The true blessing is that you’ll carry these skills with you into 2020, and the empowerment you’ll gain by having true control over your cravings and food choices will spill over into other areas of your life.

In these intensive 8-weeks of working together,?you’ll find that your thoughts around nourishment and body image will transform as we get into the what, where, when, why, and?how of your personal food journey.

I’ll be offering three?one-hour workshopsat Sugar Magnolia Cafe?before the end of 2019, and in January it will become a six-month program.

This?is your chance to sign up at a discount and get in on the opportunity to transform your health before the new year begins! I’m offering a special discount of $125 off to my email subscribers?if you sign up before October 21!

Visit my Facebook?page for?details about these workshops and more.

Email me?to schedule a free informational callto learn more.

I’m offering two cohorts this year. The first will begin on November 1 and run through January 3 (skipping the week of Christmas). The second cohort will begin December 1 and end January 26.

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