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Finding ‘Me’ Time

Finding ‘Me’ time when your time is not your own

Have you ever felt like every aspect of your life revolves around everyone else’s schedule?
As parents, it feels like everything about our lives ‘belong’ to someone else; appointments, meal times, waking and sleeping times, even our alone time all depend on the people we love and care for the most.

But this can make it hard to both love and care for them.

When we are not in tip-top shape, in other words, when we haven’t had ‘Me’ time to care for ourselves and our own needs, then it’s hard to be present and parent with lovingkindness.
In the past 6+ months I have been struggling with finding time to exercise. A good jog can cure any mental and physical ailment for me, and it’s the most powerful outlet I have.
However, with two kids under age 3 and a husband who works all day (from home) and is in school/studying all night, carving out a meaningful half hour for my run has proven nearly impossible.
I’ve tried every angle I can imagine, such as running at 6am before the Sun rises, in the evenings after my girls are in bed, during nap time, I’ve even hired a babysitter so I can get an hour to care for myself. Lo and behold, every single there’s a wrench thrown into my plan.

What’s a tired, desperate, frazzled Mamma to do??

In my final attempt to keep the family balanced while taking care of myself, I’ve chosen peace of Mind over all else. When I can have peace about the season of life I’m in, it makes my life so much easier.
This time will pass into a new season; my girls will grow, we will have more children who will inevitably ruin my body and steal my sleep.
But rather than cringing inside while trying to justify my frustration, I’m trying harder each and every day to really believe it – this is a season of our lives and I must enjoy every minute of it!
It’s true, our girls will grow, probably much faster than we’d like. We will have more children, a huge blessing when so many cannot conceive without difficulty. Sleep will be stolen from me night after wakeful night. But who want’s to sleep when there’s so much beauty surrounding me? I’d hate to miss another minute of it 🙂
Do you find yourself struggling with balancing all of your parenting responsibilities while also trying to take care of yourself?
What are some things you wish you had more time to do?
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