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Making goals that stick

in 2013, make goals that stick


They say that the average person ditches their New Year’s Resolution by Valentine’s Day every year.

That’s not very encouraging or motivating!

Well, the big day is tomorrow; are you a statistic?

I’ve found that creating a list of goals that I’d like to achieve throughout the year seems much more manageable.

Does changing the label make that much of a difference whether I achieve my goals?

I believe so!

Our brains are wired to do tricky things; we, as humans, are able to make ourselves believe whatever it is we want ourselves to believe, whether there is any truth in the matter or not.

Calling my list of goals a list of New Year Resolutions gives me this sense of anxiety, fear of failure, pressure that I won’t be able to a) stop eating chocolate, b) lose 15 pounds, or c) spend ten minutes ever day meditating and in a place of Peace.

The trick is to change the label (calling it a list of goals), and make my goals small and attainable.

This year I would like to eat fewer processed sweets, lose five pounds, and make time every week for meditation to achieve more Peace in my Life.

See?  Doesn’t that feel better? 😊

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