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Lunchbox ideas for little ones

Tired of turkey sandwiches? Read on for tips

For many of us, our children are heading off to school for another year.

If you’re anything like me, September lunches start off with a bang. My Creative-food-juices are flowing from a summer off, and I’m ready to sneak in some healthy options for my 3 year old, J.

J has always been a bit of a nibbler. You know the type, the ones who spend 2 hours on a small bowl of cereal, leave most meals unfinished, and graze Yup, that’s J!
So, when it’s time to pack school lunches, I take advantage of the fact that she will be sitting next to peers who will inevitably be eating their lunches.
I try to keep them small, simple, and fun for her to eat, and I never expect her to finish even the smallest snack-sized portions, which is why I always have a hot meal prepared and ready to be eaten when I pick her up at 1:00pm.
I love to use Goodbyn snack containers with leak-proof lids. They come in 2 half-cup portions, like this, and are perfect for J’s persnickety appetite.
Some things I love to fill them with are:
  • Cottage cheese and raisins
  • Pretzels and homemade Hummus
  • Grapes and cheese cubes
  • Sliced veggie Hot Dogs and diced buns (I still can’t get her to eat the two together!)
  • Homemade plain yogurt and fruit
  • Applesauce and Chik’n Nuggets
And, of course, left overs from last night’s dinner, which went unfinished.
Do you deal with picky eaters, finicky appetites or repetitious meals?
What are some things you like to pack for your kids’ lunch?
I’d love to hear more and learn some new ideas!
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