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June’s creative experiential + photo!

It?s not too late to sign up for my Monthly Creative Experientials Newsletter, which comes out on the 1st of every month!!!

This is an amazingly simple opportunity to get your creative energies flowing, helping you to achieve joy and peace through the process of creating and nurturing your inner child.

For those who are interested, I?m extending my offer of July?s experiential for one more week (until July 10). If you would like to register, simply email me?at It?s THAT simple! ?

In the mean time, here?s a sneak peak at June?s experiential. Enjoy!

June: Creative Experiential ? What does ?peace? mean to you?

This month, let?s keep it simple; this activity is designed to be open to interpretation any which way you, the artist, would like. There will not be a list of materials because you are encouraged to choose what you are comfortable with. Simply meditate on the statement ?What does ?peace? mean to me?? and allow the art to be your guide!

Sometimes it can be difficult to accept a challenge like this month?s experience without being told what materials to use and how to use them to create imagery. It requires you, the artist, to make some decisions and take some control, which can be scary for those who are not accustomed to it.

Well, this is your opportunity!! Gather ANY materials you?d like; any size paper, paints, markers, pencil, collage, whatever, and without thinking too much about it, ?put the pen to the paper and watch it unfold?.

Notice within yourself if you begin to plan or think too much about what you would like to see, and at that moment take a step back.

Let the art be your guide!

Once you?ve finished, please consider posting pictures of your imagery on the SC Facebook page, or in the comments below!

Don?t forget to praise yourself for a job well done! You?ve taken a very important step in Self growth and discovery!

Until next month?

? Rita


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