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Photos from July’s creative experiential

Hey, Y?all:

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As July is quickly coming to an end, here are the photos and my process from this month?s creative task.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope these can inspire you to ?Talk Less, Make More?!!

For my first attempt, I used a pencil to create the image I wanted.? I worked very carefully because I had a vision for this picture ? my nearly 7-months pregnant and ever-growing belly with wings and a Golden Light, because this Little Bean is such a Blessing to us!

But not to my surprise, the Acrylic paints dried quickly and did not transfer over.? I used a wet, clean sponge to wet the back sides (while folded) in the hopes that the water would wet the paint enough to transfer over.? That didn?t work as planned, so I was on to try something new.


For my second image, I continued to use Acrylic paints, but experimented with page orientation and chose to work abstractly in the hopes that I would finish before the paint dried.

I got caught up in Flow and began painting the imagery that was naturally occurring to me:

first, a green and yellow sun; then, a red river flowing from behind the sun off the page in the opposite direction.? I started supplementing the river with a purple foot bridge, small rocks and stones, patches of grass, and ended with a big tree.

What I didn?t realize until I finished is that my tree blocks the foot bridge, so for anyone trying to cross this could be an obstacle (yikes!).

In Art Therapy, the river represents the flow of emotions (something could be said about my RED river, but I was intentionally choosing inappropriate colors, as you can tell by my green and yellow sun).

The foot bridge symbolizes just that, a safe crossing over my emotions, or from one end to the other, and the tree represents the Self.

The fact that I placed my tree too close to the dismount of my foot bridge makes me feel like I, and only I, am preventing myself (or other people) from crossing (into/through/over) this emotional red river that I?m currently dealing with.

WOW! How?s that for some interpretation?!

Needless to say, the paint dried too quickly and didn?t transfer over.? I shall keep on trying though!

For this third image, I again experimented with page orientation, and also chose to try something new: I wet the entire page with my clean sponge and some water, then I used Watercolor paints to abstractly fill one side.? Needless to say, I think I overdosed on water because it?s pretty impossible to see and read what?s on the page!


And, finally, for the fourth piece, I continued with the watercolors but chose to work on dry paper.? I think this image transferred over the best, and I found myself noticing a completely new and unexpected image with the transfer!


I went to my ?go to?, a sun, tree, grass growth, and some birds flying high in the sky.

Again, I purposely chose inappropriate colors just to keep things fun.? I don?t know what it is about this image (I often include clouds as well but didn?t this time), but I ALWAYS found myself doodling this during fun groups when I worked as an Art Therapist at a hospital.? Like I said, it?s my ?go to? and there?s something familiar and comforting about each of these parts of the image.

Once I finished painting, I wet only the blank side of the paper for the transfer and folded the two sides together.? Initially I didn?t notice it, but once I stood back and rotated the picture a couple of times, I noticed that my tree began to look like a large, puffy, almost perfect cloud.? The type you see when you?re relaxing, lying in the grass (or on the hood of your car), looking up at the beautiful sky, and contemplating deep and existential thoughts to yourself.

Wait, I can?t be the only person who does that, can I?! ?

What?s more amazing is the bright green light emerging from (or pushing into?) the cloud.? I saw this as a sort of Divine Energy, immersing itself into this cloud to fill it with a wonderful Light.

Here?s my beautifully unexpected cloud!

I hope these images and my process can inspire you to do something wonderful for yournSelf! It takes such little time, and you have a full 30-days to attempt the challenge.

As you can tell from my process, things won?t always work out as you anticipate, but that?s the beauty here ? there?s no right or wrong way, and no judgement.

Only FUNfunFUN and lots of Self-love!

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