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Thanks, Jill, for submitting your photos AND your story! You are an inspiration for all of us!

Jill is a fan and long-time friend who is participating in the Monthly Creative Experientials.

If you?re up for the challenge, it?s never too late to sign up! It?s as simple as emailing me at and waiting until August 1 for the next round.

I?m looking forward to hearing about YOUR process, and your Journey through Creativity!

? Rita

I decided to do this paint blot challenge of creativity last week with the 3 year old I nanny.

I tried it out for myself first to see how it came out because I decided on using water paint. I first painted a heart, I think I was feeling a lot of love as the next day was my 1 year anniversary with my husband.

Since I was feeling happy, I decide on some bright yellow and orange. I always find water soothing, so I finished the bottom of the page with some blue for water.

Even though it was thought-out somewhat, I didn?t think of what it would really look like when I folded it over.

I had already made a crease to make the paper two even halves. I had to take a wet paper towel to wet the blank side before I folded it over (water colors dry fast). Then I just used that paper towel to wet the outside paper on both sides after folding it to insure that the paint bled to the other side.

I opened it and noticed that the heart didn?t transfer. Initially I was a little bummed, but then I decided I like it because it looked like the heart was in place of the sun?and there are not two suns 🙂

The picture made me feel warm, loving and happy. I like trying to imagine what the design down the middle could be. Maybe an arrow to lead down the path of the water?.?.

The little girl was great and had less of an intention for what she wanted hers to look like? because she?s 3 🙂

I thought this was great and made for a super interesting work of art. She was more excited about how she was going to turn the water in the cups different colors.

It was a great time that she was just able to paint what ever she wanted. Then, when she was done and I folded it over to make the paint blot effect, we talked about what her drawing looked like. We think the profile of a face.

We put it up on the fridge (the art gallery) to display to everyone. She said ?Wow, my Mom and Dad are going to really love this?! and I agreed!

Thanks, Rita! This was a really fun and easy challenge for myself and the little girl! As an elementary school teacher I would also use this in a classroom!

  • Jill


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