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Is Eating Psychology the same as Intuitive Eating?

Do you find yourself looking at that chocolate cake and thinking how tasty and indulgent it would be? How do you feel about the salad? Is the chocolate cake a “bad” or “cheat” food in your diet?


Are Eating Psychology & Intuitive Eating the same thing??



Intuitive eating is all the rage these days.

There are intuitive eating coaches everywhere, who’s work it is to help their clients learn to listen to their body when it comes to eating.

The Mind and body are so intricately connected. They are constantly sending communications back and forth to one another, hundreds of times each second.

But there’s more to the Mind/Body connection than
intuitive eating gets at. Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition fill in the gaps.

Intuitive eating asks, Do I want to eat the chocolate cake? Am I hungry enough to eat the chocolate cake? Yes. Great, then eat the chocolate cake!

Eating Psychology asks, Do I want to eat the chocolate cake? Am I hungry enough to eat the chocolate cake? What are my intentions with eating the cake – am I “rebelling” against a strict diet? Do I consider this cake to be a “bad” food, and will there be guilt or shame around eating it?


Whether you’re indulging in a giant salad or a decadent chocolate cake, the questions will remain the same.

Both choices are “intuitive”, by the definition of intuitive eating.

But who are you when you’re eating them, and what are your intentions?

That’s where the real work happens.


At Sublimation Coaching, I am uniquely trained in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, which far surpass classical nutrition and intuitive eating.

I am here to help you heal your relationship with food and body by asking the right questions, holding space for you, and helping you to explore what comes up.

If you’d like to know more, or to begin your own transformative Journey in healing, reserve my time for FREE here.

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