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Who would you be if you were your ideal weight?

It’s not uncommon for people to hold off on being who they most desire to be until they look the way they most desire to look.

How many times have you said you would take that vacation when you have your bikini body back, or you would put yourself back out there on the dating scene when you lost those last ten pounds? What about those sexy jeans that you have had your eye on for months? If only you could fit into them one size smaller.

Who would you be if you were your ideal weight?

Who would you be if you were your ideal weight


If you were the weight, size, shape, height, or shoe size you most desired to be, would you be more confident? Happier? Proud of the body you are in?

Would you feel like that body could take you places you couldn’t go otherwise – maybe promotions, dates, vacations, or parties?

Maybe you would be in awe of the body that is doing so much for you.

Would you believe me if I said that maybe, just maybe, you could do all of those things right now?

You know the all-to-commonly-said cliché, fake it ’till you make it. What if I told you that in this case, that cliché is exactly what you should be doing!
If you vacationed as if you have that bikini body you so desire, wouldn’t you still enjoy the vacation just as much?
And those sexy jeans – girl, go out and get them! If they make you feel sexy, then that’s all that matters.
Go get that promotion that is contingent upon your skills and not your size.
Would being thinner or slimmer or taller or leaner change any of these experiences for you?
If you answered no, then I would love to challenge you to fake it ’till you make it.

Carpe Diem — Seize the Day — and enjoy every minute of your new experience as if you were in the body you desired until it becomes the body you do desire.

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