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How creativity helps us grow

My desire is for all of my readers, clients, and fans is that you are constantly growing and changing, achieving insight, having epiphanies, feeling inspired by others, and making sensory connections with the World around you. My hope is to provide you with great information to encourage and inspire you towards this process, and maybe even help you through it.

Start the New Year off right!

There once was a time when I engaged that Inner Child of mine weekly, if not daily.  It was my solace, my symbolic journaling, and being Creative got me through many difficult years.

Then I became an Art Therapist and my inner critic grew very loud; I stopped painting, lost complete interest in all things Creative, and found myself totally unhappy.

However, I couldn’t understand why I was unhappy.  It has only been through the last several months of engaging my Creative Self, along with you, my readers, that I’ve realized what the problem was.  I had no outlet! 

Just as we lovingly nurture a child – get out on the playground with them or engage in a fantastic game of Monopoly – we must also nurture that same part of ourselves!  Without tender love, care, and attention, our Inner Child can feel neglected, which ultimately can lead to a downward emotional and physical spiral.

Okay, I know this sounds wacky to some of you, but it is really very true!

Let me get to my point: How Creativity helps us to grow.

“Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes things visible.”
– Paul Klee (German/Swiss painter)

There is strong scientific evidence that memories are stored in our visual Right-Brain, right along with our subconscious and unconscious Minds.  The Left-Brain, home to such things as analytics, logistics, and language, is also home to our conscious Mind.

Therefore, by engaging our Right-Brain through Creative acts, we are also accessing those often untouchable and inaccessible thoughts, feelings, and memories stored in our unconscious and subconscious Minds.

Understanding our own art is essentially like understanding and decoding our dreams: it all boils down to symbolism and personal meanings.  I’m sure we’ve all had dreams of being chased by something terrifying, but what that terrifying being is seems to be purely personal to the dreamer and cannot be generalized across the board.

Creativity is stored in the Right Brain

The same is true for art – in any form!  When we engage our Creative Self and unlock some of those deeply buried emotions and experiences, we are gaining a deeper level of understanding of our Self. It’s through the process of creating and the understanding of the symbolism that appears through the art that healing can take place.

While this can sound extremely scary to some, it is a wonderful opportunity for growth and insight.  Sharing your insights with a professionally trained Art Therapist can help you even further understand what you are seeing, feeling, and learning about yourself. If counseling is not your thang, consider sharing with loved ones or journaling about them!

This is heavy stuff, I know!  But with time, patience, practice, and allowing yourself a bit of freedom, it becomes easier and more fulfilling.  I guarantee it!

If through engaging your Creative Self you feel that you are unsafe in any way, having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, or feel that you have uncovered repressed memories of a deeper nature, such as abuse, neglect, rape, et cetera, please call 911 or your local law enforcement agency immediately.  Help is out there and you do not have to deal with these new revelations alone!

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