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Here’s your challenge

For those of you interested in just what the May experiential was, here it is!

The first 5 readers to post photos of their finished product on my Facebook page will win a full hour of coaching with me!


Dear Reader,

Let’s begin by taking a moment to pat yourself on the back for embarking on a Life-altering Journey through creative expression!? Your Soul will thank you for this later 🙂

This is the next of 12 monthly installments: Monthly Creative Experientials.

In these newsletters I ask you to challenge yourself by gathering some pretty basic materials and taking a Spiritual Journey through making art.

I’m not asking you to paint like Michelangelo – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

This is supposed to be a fun, carefree challenge; a way to spend time with your inner child.? Make a mess, get your hands dirty, share your imagery with your loved ones and allow your creative path to unfold before your eyes!

This month we will focus on our vision in a fun way – through Collage!

This experiential will allow you to discover what is truly important to you now, at this moment in your Life, and where you hope to be at some point in your future.

It is meant to be fun and relaxing, so don’t think too much about it.

Best Wishes!

– Rita

MAY: Creative Experiential

1. Magazines, photos, pamphlets, free brochures, images printed from the internet, or anything else you can get your hands on containing words, letters, numbers, and/or images;
2. Glue stick;
3. Scissors (or, you can tear!);
4. Paper, poster paper, or cardboard

** NOTE** The word ‘imagery’ is used to include pictures, words, letters, numbers, phrases, or anything else you might consider using for your collage

Collage can be fun, cathartic, and a great way to learn about yourself.

The acts of cutting and tearing, in themselves, are soothing and repetitive, allowing the artist to focus on the act rather than the swarm of thoughts in your mind.

Also, the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise in you while creating collage are very telling; are you more comfortable filling all of the negative space with imagery rather than allowing the paper to show through?? Are you OK with letting your imagery hang off the edge of the paper, or would you rather cut it to a smooth edge?? Do you find yourself drawn more to images/pictures or words and phrases?

While engaging in this month’s experiential, I suggest you put on some music that you love, or if you can, do this in the company of another.

Allow yourself to become slightly distracted while clipping imagery so that the focus is not on picking imagery that you specifically have in mind.? The point is to let the art be your guide; cut, clip, and tear whatever jumps out at you.? You are more likely to do this if you are not thinking about it too much.

Also, it is a great idea to cut more imagery than you think you will need.? It’s nice to have options because that’s when you are more likely to choose the imagery that is truly important to you.

So, in summary, allow yourself to become distracted and cut more than you know you will need.

There may be times when your collage feels finished before you think it is done, or quite the opposite, it may feel unfinished to you but it is done just how it is.? These are important things to be aware of.

Once you are satisfied, step away from your collage a couple of feet, close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes.? Do your best to become aware of the immediate sensations in your body once you open your eyes, even before your thoughts.? Those thoughts can come quickly, it is just an instant, but it can be very telling.

Where in your body do you feel the sensation?? Is it a pleasant feeling or a scary feeling?? Breathe into that feeling for a moment as the thoughts rush in.

Body communication is first-level processing, thoughts are second-level processing.

Your body will always tell you your true feelings before your Mind will (but that is a completely different newsletter!).

Ready, Set, Begin!!

Don’t forget to praise yourself for a job well done!? You’ve taken a very important step in Self growth and discovery!

Please share your thoughts, process, experiences, with the crowd at

Until next month…

– Rita

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