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Food Myths Debunked: Fat makes you fat

Have you heard the news reports that fat shouldn’t be part of your heart healthy diet? Do you feel like you can’t even enjoy healthy foods because they contain too much fat?

The diet industry wants us to believe that fat makes us fat, but healthy fats are essential to Life!


This is false education. It is a toxic nutritional belief.

The people doing the reporting are not being totally transparent.

They’re instilling a sense of fear because that’s what keeps people feeling weak.

I am here to tell you that healthy fats in food do not make you fat.

It’s true … Not all fats are created equally.

Sure, there are those that will make you fat. And sick. And dis-eased.

But those are not the fats I’m talking about here.

I am talking about Essential Fatty Acids, also known as Omega-6 fats.

Walnuts are a great source of healthy fats. Notice the shape of the nut – it looks just like your brain! This is Mother Nature’s way of telling you exactly what this nut is good for.

There are many real and natural sources of essential fats all around you if you know where to look.

Omega-6 fats are good for:

  • brain health and memory
  • a healthy nervous system, that which controls stress, fight-or-flight response, and relaxation
  • immunity
  • heart health in the form of reducing blood clots and lowering cholesterol

Some great sources are:

  • flax seeds, flax meal, and flax oil (aka linseed oil)
  • fresh nuts and seeds
  • nut butters
  • good quality olive oil
  • avocados
  • free range eggs
  • wild salmon
  • sardines

Deficiency in essential fats can look like:

  • poor digestion
  • weight loss resistance
  • constant hunger; cravings for fried, fatty, and junky/sugary foods; binge eating; thirst
  • fatigue
  • irritability; moodiness; poor cognitive function (brain fog)
  • dry skin; dry or brittle hair and scalp (dandruff); blotchy, dry or oily skin; brittle nails
  • redness around the eyes; dry eyes
  • irregular menstruation or loss of cycle
  • poor sex drive (low libido)
  • stiff or painful joints
  • constipation


At SublimationCoaching, I have extensive knowledge in, and experience working with, macronutrient balance, so I know how to spot an imbalance or deficiency.

I am also trained to recognize and 💥💣💥 destroy  toxic beliefs.

As a highly skilled coach and mentor, I work with people just like you to liberate you from the bondage of your toxic beliefs, which are destroying your health.


If you’d like to further explore the state of your health as it relates to what and how you eat, please reach out at

Interested in hearing me speak publicly on this topic? Contact me to speak in your class, at your company, or any other private event. Let’s find the right topic for your crowd and I will personally tailor it to suit the needs of the group.

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