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Finding motivation in a world of excuses

No more excuses!

I believe that one of the most cryptic things we can do to ourselves is to sit idly by and watch the possibility of opportunities pass us by simply because we lack the motivation.

Many times we do not see it as a lack of motivation because we mask the truth with a million new labels – i.e. excuses.

How many times have we said, or heard, things like the following:

  • “I’m too tired and overworked to exercise tonight, I will hit the gym tomorrow”
  • “I know I’m supposed to be watching what I eat, but I’m super thirsty so I’ll just order a large [coffee, soda, punch, etc.].”
  • For the regular bloggers out there, how about this one?  “I’ve done a million things already and I just want to relax.  I’ll get to that blog post some other time.”

I adhere to the philosophy that Life keeps moving, with or without you, and you can choose to Live, or you can choose to wake up one morning in 20 years and realize that you missed it all.

What do you choose?

Where do you find your motivation when the going gets tough?

Please share in the comments section, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 😀

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