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Increase your pleasure, increase your metabolism!

Do you feel held captive by your cravings?

Do you ever find yourself seeking out “forbidden” foods, such as cake, cookies, or chocolate?


The more you invite pleasure into your Life and onto your plate, the more you increase your metabolism.


It is common in today’s world to feel devoid of joy or pleasure. The entire world is shut down; people are living in isolation from one another; grocery store shelves are empty of the most basic goods because of fear-based hoarding.

Your Conscious Mind might understand this, but your Unconscious and Subconscious Minds can’t make rational sense. They are predisposed and programmed to seek out joy and pleasure by any means.

If you are feeling sad, isolated, generally unhappy, or afraid, you might be struggling to find pleasure in your day-to-day. You may not be inviting pleasure into your Life through novel experiences or social interactions, like you used to.

The body’s natural response to this is to seek out pleasure
by any means, so it falls back on the easiest
and most convenient way to attain it – through food.


The way your body calls you to invite pleasure onto your plate is through cravings. Cravings for certain foods activate your pleasure/rewards center in your brain. It’s when this area is activated – whether through food or other means – that we feel satisfied and the cravings will recede.

When you invite pleasure onto your plate, you satisfy a physical and emotional need. In response, you live a more joyful and relaxed existence, which in turn impacts your metabolism directly. The same region of the brain that activates pleasure is the same region of the brain that supercharges metabolism.


What can you begin doing today to invite pleasure into your Life and onto your plate?

How can you begin to see your relationship with food and cravings differently?


I specialize in Eating Psychology, a new facet of health and wellness that examines the intersection between health and nutrition, and a person’s individual personality and psychology. If you’d like to know more, or if you would like to see what your own experience in Eating Psychology Coaching might look like, email me at for a free consultation.

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