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If you eat, you won’t want to skip this!

If you eat, and I presume you do, you won’t want to skip this.

Because I am sharing, with you first, the opportunity to join me in a conversation around food.

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to food? If I’m being 100% honest (and it’s the only way I know to be), I definitely do. Even with all of my expertise and experience helping people just like you with their food and body concerns.

If you ask me, the pressure to measure or weigh food, log points, meet a certain weight goal, not finish everything on my plate, or eat a balanced diet is too much!

It’s overwhelming and, quite honestly, takes the joy out of food for me! Can you relate?

If any of this resonates with you, then you will definitely want to join me on June 7 for a conversation around food and body. This is not your run-of-the-mill lecture on proteins vs. carbs, or how to lose weight. You won’t find that here!

Rather, this is an invitation to learn how to listen to your body; how to tune in to your body’s wisdom, interpret the personal language of your own body, and use that feedback to make smart choices that work for you when it comes to eating behaviors, food choices, and exercise.

Empowering Health Series Masterclass

Join the 3-day masterclass on Breaking Free from Diet Culture & Learning to Trust your own Intuition and Body Wisdom

I will be joined by fellow Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition experts, Jodi Katzin and Kim Basler.

What makes this masterclass * Super Amazing * (in my humble opinion), is that Jodi, Kim, and I all have similar backgrounds, but we each use our expertise to help people in different ways.

Read about our respective strengths and personal struggles with food, body, and weight here.

If you know this masterclass is something you will benefit from and are ready to claim your seat, click here

I’m looking forward to seeing your face in the audience!

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