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Do you enjoy eating?

Has there been a time when you sat down to a meal and couldn’t wait to get it over with? Or a time when you finished a meal feeling unsatisfied?

Many people will say yes right off the bat, but their eating behaviors and beliefs about food say otherwise


There is a direct correlation between pleasure in Life and pleasure with food.

But it goes deeper for some.

For some of you, there is no joy in food because of your toxic belief that food is the enemy.

If you don’t like something, it’s perfectly natural to want to rush through it. To want to get it over with.

But our body is wise and was Divinely created.

It knows better than to allow you to rush through a meal and leave you feeling satisfied.

If your Mind is going to register pleasure, joy, or satisfaction from the meal, you have to do the work.

Your brain needs time to receive the signal that a meal is being eaten, so slow down.

It wants the same sensations that you typically do – to register taste, aroma, texture, flavor and emotion, so be present.

Your brain wants you to experience the meal!

It is when you can take these baby steps at every meal that you will begin experiencing joy around eating.

And that is going to directly correlate the joy that you feel in other parts of your Life as well.

In fact, the above advice works well in Life as much as it does with food.

So, give it a try.

See how it feels.

I challenge you to begin enjoying eating again.


If you desire to uncover the blockages in your Life that are preventing you from experiencing joy and pleasure, consider scheduling your FREE consultation call today!


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