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Belly pain got you feeling funky?

If you’ve been following my Journey to train as an Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach, THANK YOU!


If you’re new here, WELCOME!

Wow, wow, wow, I don’t even know how to put into words what an incredible experience this training has been for me!

It has opened up a new world of thoughts and ideas about nutrition, my own body image, healing work, and my relationship with food.

Divine. And incredible. Read about how God truly led me to this training, and how I am forever Blessed by what I’m learning:

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Those posts cover the first half of the training, Modules 1-4 (of 7).


Now that you’ve taken some time to catch up …

Let’s talk about digestion.

Belly pain got you feeling funky?


Belly pain got you feeling funky?

Let me guess, you’ve tried *nearly* everything to no avail.

You’re still suffering from uncomfortable bloating, gas, maybe you’re retaining water. It’s possible you just feel full all the time and are slow to empty. Could it be that you’re one of the 60% who have jarring heartburn or indigestion?


Digestion is a beautiful barometer that points us toward what’s working for us, and what’s not.

It teaches and informs us if we listen carefully.

And, it asks us to notice and respond accordingly.


Our digestive system is highly attuned to the stress and relaxation responses.

When we eat under stress (i.e. at our desk at work; during a meeting; while on the phone; with a bunch of crazy-haired kids around; you get my gist), our body reduces blood flow to the gut.

Overworked much?


This dates back to a time when stress was an important short-term signal of danger. The wisdom of the body sends all blood flow to brain and extremities when the fight-or-flight system is activated so that we can run for our lives.

What does that mean for our digestion?

It means that food is going to be left sitting in the belly for a long time, at least until we can switch from that activated fight-or-flight stress response to a more relaxed one.


However, when we eat with presence and awareness (using our 5 senses while eating the meal), our body is in a natural state of relaxation.

Our brain registers taste, aroma, pleasure, sensation, and texture. 

Those things are important because they signal the body that it’s receiving food and nourishment.

Because, as we know, you can receive food without nourishment. And you can nourish yourself with things other than food.


So, all-in-all, I’m learning that digestion of food is linked to far more than what we eat. It’s linked to how we eat (eating speed and rhythm), when we eat (meal timing), and who we are when we eat (our relationship with food and body).


You still with me?

If you’ve read any of my other posts from this training, you’ll know that stress deeply impacts our ability to lose or maintain weight

It’s also the leading cause of prescription drug use, disease, and most of the contemporary problems we face today.

The body is truly wise and Divinely created like a perfect machine, even though it may not always feel that way!


Rita Haddad, CLEPC

If anything in this post got you saying, “huh.. interesting”, then I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Let’s have a chat, friend to friend!

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