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Are you agreeing to be here?

Can you remember a time when you felt insecure? Or a time when you walked away from a situation feeling bad about yourself?


Are you agreeing to be here, in this Life?


What don Miguel says is true, death is not our biggest fear.

Our biggest fear is living.

It’s being, truly being, who we are, without fear of judgement from Self or others.

It’s when we accept all the parts of ourself – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and we feel safe to be just as we are, that we are truly living.

That’s called agreeing to be here.

Are you agreeing to be here? In this Life? On this Journey?


When you hate the body you’re in, you’re not agreeing to be here.

When you beat yourself up at the gym with exercises that cause you physical and/or emotional pain in the name of slender hips, you’re not agreeing to be here.

When you walk away from an experience or interaction and criticize yourself for talking too much, or asking “dumb” questions, you’re not agreeing to be here.


But, is there any other way?

The world we live in says, “no“, hard and fast.

But here at Food Heals, it’s a Big.Fat.YES!

YES, there’s a better way to Live!

Yes, you can learn to love those parts of yourself you hate most. It’s true!

You can make an agreement with yourself to be here, in this Life, on this Journey, in full acceptance of all that the Universe brings your way.

And you have a kind, loving, empathetic Coach here at Sublimation Coaching who wants to guide you on your path to freedom.

Just email me at to learn more about how your own personal process will unfold.

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