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Well, another month has quickly passed; have you been taking the time to love your Self by engaging in something creative?

The part of us that loves to draw, doodle, and craft as children is still a part of us as we grow into adults.

The problem is that WE STOP NURTURING that part of our Self, and our inner child becomes neglected and unhappy (just as ANY child who is no longer nurtured would become).

It is so crucial to our well-being that we continue to take care of our creative selves throughout our lives.

I know what you are probably thinking: I’m not creative; I can?t draw; I lack skill; I draw stick figures; This is for children!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, AND WRONG!

Everybody is Creative just think of all the ways you solve problems in your daily life.

You need not have a history of art making, nor formal training to do this. Just a wish to nurture yourself and have some fun.

There is no judgement, no grades, and nobody has to see your finished product unless you choose to share with them.

This is more about the process of creating and how that is helpful, rather than the finished product.

And yes, children do love art making! Have you ever seen a child turn down a box of Crayolas??? Can you see in your Mind’s Eye how happy a child is when engaging artistically (maybe remembering yourself or even your own children or grandchildren)?

I began this Altered Book in May 2001, long before I had ever even heard of Art Therapy or decided to become an Art Therapist.

I worked on it pretty consistently from 2001 until 2004, but hadn?t picked it up since.? I forgot how much I enjoyed having a small working space, relieving me of the pressure to create some masterpiece that should be shown to the World.

I could simply doodle, write a poem, or post a photograph and close the book without worry that my imagery looked a certain way or that it should be hung on my living room wall.

It was quite refreshing to jump back in and I plan to keep up with this Altered Book over the years until it is pretty filled.? It?s not too late for you to give it a try too!

Enjoy the photos, and most of all, enjoy your experience!? You can sign up for my Monthly Creative Experientials newsletter by emailing me at

Rita H

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