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3 toxic myths you believe about weight loss

Raise your hand if you’ve spent more than 1-week of your life dieting or trying to lose weight 🙋🏻

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely devoted years of mental real estate, hours at the gym or running outdoors, and tons of time on apps like SparkPeople just to drop into my “ideal” weight range.

Have I been successful? Sure, at times.

Other times, though, I’ve felt hungry, irritable and exhausted, all without losing a single pound and sometimes even gaining weight.

I bet you can relate on some level to my experience.

It wasn’t until my intensive training in Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition that I realized I had it all wrong.

These two powerful approaches have completely transformed the way I think about food, my body, and especially my weight.

I no longer feel like I need to be on the “right” diet to lose or maintain my weight. And I fully understand why the thousands of miles I’ve jogged in the last 10+ years hasn’t changed the shape or state of my body by very much.

I now get it that feeling satiated, satisfied, and comfortable in my body has as much, or more, to do with  H O W  I eat, and less to do with  W H A T  I eat.

What about you? What are you struggling with when it comes to food, body, and weight? (comment below and let me know).

Maybe you eat when you’re stressed. It’s possible you weigh yourself daily, or get really down on yourself for eating too much of a “no-no” food.

Whatever the case may be, you no longer need to feel trapped inside of your own body, a body that may not feel safe or desirable to you.

My relationship with my body is constantly evolving because my approach to dieting is changing.

You can feel amazing in the skin you’re in, at any size or in any condition, if you’re willing to tune out what the diet industry is pushing onto you.

I’d like to help you start by busting these 3 toxic myths the diet industry wants you to believe.

Believing in these myths is problematic because they will hold you back from taking the right actions to reclaim your health.

In my personalized work with clients, I’ve seen one breakthrough after another when people begin to transform what they think and believe about dieting.

So, here they are!

Myth #1:

The only way to lose weight is to calculate calories in vs. calories out

This is an incredibly outdated view of health and weight loss. The diet and fitness industries want you to believe that under-eating and over-exercise are solutions for weight, but they’re not.


Under-eating actually leads to weight gain, as the body actually begins to think it’s on a desert island. It triggers a surplus of fat storage and shuts down essential processes like nutrient absorption and digestion.

Couple this with over-exercise and you’re bound to feel fatigued, irritable, and pretty frustrated that you’re not toning up or losing weight.

This is a trap that keeps you chasing one diet after another. It leads to best selling books, ever increasing gym membership fees, and keeps you believing that you’re doing something wrong (or that there is something wrong with you).

Myth #2:

It’s OK to have “cheat days” or to “fall off the wagon”


The truth is, you should be allowed to eat what makes you feel good – any time – and without guilt.

Food is neither inherently “good” or “bad”. We can label foods by how they make us feel either physically or emotionally, but that doesn’t make them good or bad.

So, having “cheat days” or “falling off the wagon” implies that 1. you’ve done something wrong, which will illicit feelings of guilt, shame, and lead to a downward negative spiral; and 2. sends the message that desirable foods are not to be enjoyed.

Learning how to find pleasure in the foods that make you feel good will trickle into allowing yourself to experience pleasure when you eat the foods that might not be so good for you but are so fun to eat! 🍕🍞🍪

Myth #3

You just haven’t found the right diet for your body yet


So.Not.True. Done. End of sentence.

The most powerful thing I’ve been teaching on, which has resonated with every one of my clients thus far, is that  H O W  you eat will impact your health, weight, physical appearance, and mental state far more than         W H A T  you eat.

Sure, eating the standard American diet day in and day out might put you in an early grave. But for some people, they don’t have any other choice.

Resolve this by slowing down with food, not by clinging to the next fad diet.

Eating more slowly, paying attention to your meal, and chewing more thoroughly will increase your metabolism, lead to better nutrient absorption, and give you a surplus of natural energy without caffein or energy drinks (say goodbye to that 3pm slump!).

So, take heart. There is a solution and it doesn’t require you to starve, sacrifice, or sweat.

That’s not to say you won’t have to work hard!

If you’ve made it this far, I know that something I’ve said here has resonated with you. Let it all simmer for a while.

In the mean time, if you have any questions or would like to share your story or experience with me, just comment below or email me at I’d love to hear from you! 💞

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