Sublimation |ˌsəbləˈmāSHən| noun : a purification or refinement


Welcome to Sublimation Coaching,

a practice where you can be free to come as you are

and leave a more evolved individual.


Meet Your Practitioner

Coach Rita
Coach Rita

If an egg breaks with outside force, a life ends.

If an egg breaks with inside force, a life begins.

Transformation begins from the inside. -?Mahesh Jayasinghe

We live in a society of long hours and short days, giving to others and taking from ourselves.

Give back to yourself by investing in your Self.

I want my clients to meet their highest goals. Because that’s typically not an easy feat, I partner with each individual to guide and support them through every transition and breakthrough.

If you are serious about the work that we are doing together, you will invariably walk away a better version of who you’d like to be.

Let Sublimation Coaching get you there!

I Won!


Back in August I participated in a six day challenge from The Institute for The Psychology of Eating.

Of the many participants in the challenge, three were awarded partial scholarships to enroll in the Mind-Body-Eating Coach Certification beginning October 2019.

I accepted the challenge, prayed my little heart out for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and I WON!

I’m currently enrolled in the certification, which is set to complete in May 2020. Check out my blog where I’m sharing parts of my Journey, and some very cool and surprising facts about food and the body.


I had the honor of being a guest on the

Loving Life TV Show with Dr. Tim Weir in June 2019!

We talked some about my Cooking For Weight Loss workshop, a little about gut healing, and a lot about my services. He even taste-tested one of my favorite sweet treats, Raw Macaroons, and featured the recipe on his show and site!

Dr. Weir’s show broadcasts on the CW22 in Raleigh, and nearly 500 other network channels across the nation!

Check out my episode here. Or visit BingeNetworks.tv S3 E10

Check out some of the places I’ve been asked to present, speak, and teach!


Each and every opportunity has been a learning and growing experience for me.

Click the logos below to learn more about the amazing opportunities I’ve been given to teach.

Are you looking for a presenter or speaker for your upcoming engagement? Email me here to reserve my time!

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