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I offer workshops and seminars on a broad range of subjects. Many can be tailored to cover specific information on your chosen topic.


Mommy Moods  At least 20% of mothers are suffering, often quietly, from depression.  It is a little discussed topic, but affects at least one person your circle, as well as mine.  This workshop will cover some healing, centering, and naturally balancing ways to overcome the ever-changing  ups-and-downs of motherhood.

Healthful Living

Topics can include:

Kombucha Home Brewing In this workshop you will learn:

  1. What’s with all the rage, and how does Kombucha heal my body?
  2. How to brew your own Kombucha at home.
  3. How to care for your SCOBY (life cultured starter).
  4. You will start your very own FIRST batch of Kombucha to take home!

The fee for this workshop is $15 and includes:

  1. 1 (1-Gallon) Glass, BPA-Free, air-tight jar with lid
  2. 1 muslin cloth with rubber band to use during fermentation
  3. 1 SCOBY to activate fermentation and reproduce for future batches
  4. 6 bags of high-quality, organic Green Tea to start your first batch
  5. My customized Kombucha recipe


Cooking For Weight Loss Learn how to heal your body from the inside out, the inevitable results being: weight loss, vitality, energy, healthy immunity, vibrant skin and hair, and more balanced hormones.  This informational covers gut health and leaky gut syndrome, hormone balancing through diet, and meal planning and healthy alternatives.


Food Education This seminar can cover as many or as few of the listed topics: GMOs, making healthy choices, understanding the new Food Plate guidelines, the current food trends/movement.)  All courses will include healthy recipes for the registered participants.


Health & Fitness Management Learn to create manageable and realistic health and fitness goals, including: revamping your eating style to avoid failing diets while getting healthier; increasing your daily activity to a pace that’s in line with your skills and needs, without losing motivation to keep trying again tomorrow.


Chakra-Cleansing Meditation Chakras are energy centers in the body, which allow Life energy to flow in and out of the Aura.  They are associated with our physical, mental, and emotional interactions, and there are thought to be 7 in total.  This workshop will include: a brief introduction to the 7 Chakras; their locations in our body; essential functions; signs and symptoms of unbalanced Chakras; and will finish with a Chakra-cleansing meditation to restore balance.


Topics can include:

Natural Menopause Relief Having trouble getting through those hot flashes? In this workshop you will learn how to naturally remedy the symptoms of peri- and postmenopause.  Learn easy and low cost, effective ways to keep your weight down, alleviate hot flashes and night sweats, and keep your heart and bones in healthy condition as you make this transition in Life.  Cooling Ayurvedic yoga and recipes included!


Working Towards Self-Care Learn to create more space in your life for self-care, one of the most important facets of your life.  It’s easy to put yourself last, “forget” or lose time in your day to do something nice for yourself, or just plain-old not care.  But we cannot thrive in any areas of our life if we are not centered and in good mental, emotional, and physical health.


Guided Meditations In just one hour you can reduce stress and anxiety and create feelings of peace within yourself.  Use the power of your imagination to take you to a far-away land and help yourself one meditation at a time.  You will learn how to incorporate short meditations into your day to help you find focus, balance, and become more centered.

Personal Growth

Topics can include:

Peer Coaching Join us in a Journey of self-exploration and growth through a 6-week Peer Coaching seminar.  You will have the opportunity to both coach and be coached, as you get to know yourself and your peers on a more intimate level.  Participants lead the discussion and all topics addressed, and we will work together as a team to create manageable, meaningful, and lasting goals, while holding one another accountable.  It is a safe and fun environment to jump-start the new you!


Self-Exploration Through Collage Using one of the most common Art Therapy and art as therapy techniques, collage, you will build a deeper understanding of yourself, your needs, and your desires for your present and future.


Random Acts of Art – Create small masterpieces to keep or give away!  Typical sizes range from 1 x 1 inch to post card size (business card size is most typical).  You can collage, doodle, draw, write poetry or thoughts of inspiration, paint; the ideas are endless.  Random Acts of Art are easily portable so that you can leave them wherever you’d like as inspiration for the lucky finder.  Other ideas: include your contact information, website, a hash-tag (#SublimationCoaching), or your social media information on the back and ask the recipient to post the picture of their lucky find!

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