The "Who"

Rita Haddad, MA, CLC

Personal Evolution Coach & Art Therapist

Hello, and Welcome!

I’m Rita, your Coach and partner on the Journey you are about to take.

I’ve been truly gifted with the spirit of helping and the desire to teach.  Since I was as young as 13, I knew I would end up a helping professional; it was inevitable since everybody in my 7th grade class came to me with their middle school dramas.

These experiences led me to study Psychology and Human Development at UC Davis (Go Aggies!), forging a path so completely different from what I could have ever anticipated at that ripe, young age.

While my degree in Psychology (BA) taught me about social interactions, behaviorism (why we do what we do), and the general inner-workings of the Mind, it was in Human Development that I excelled.

My degree in Human Development (BS) covered the physical, psychological, and social/personality development from conception through supercentenarians (age 110 and older!).  We wrote 20-page papers about how we would die, formatted as journal entries and goodbye letters, and the classic slip-and-fall was an automatic fail.

Studying Human Development also connected me on a more real level to the experience of living, as it didn’t just focus on the mental health aspects such that Psychology does.

All the while, my Creative Self kept fighting to take the spotlight no matter how much I tried to suppress it (“There is no future with an art degree! You’ll starve to death!” is what they always said.)

At age 25 I threw all responsibility to the wind when I applied for same-year acceptance into an Art Therapy Master’s program at Hofstra University on Long Island.  With one month’s notice, a one-way ticket, and no place to live I was headed for the most life-changing experiences of my young adult life.

Art Therapy is a fascinating and growing field that taps into the Creative process as a healing agent.  Not just any Joe Schmo can call him/herself an Art Therapist unless they have had proper training and licensing in Counseling and Art Therapy.

That brings us to now.  How did I go from Art Therapy Counseling to Personal Evolution Coaching?

I found a way to take care of Me while taking care of Them, the loves of my Life!

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