The “What”

Sublimation |ˌsəbləˈmāSHən| noun : a purification or refinement


Why Sublimation Coaching?   

What makes this practice different from your other choices?




1. Define Self-care; create a regimen that works for you.

2. Learn to listen to your body; gain Self-trust and confidence.

3. Implement Creative homework; tap into the 98% of your unused brain potential.




As your Coach, it is my goal to help you achieve a more well-balanced Lifestyle and higher quality of living, simply by caring for your Self differently.


At the start of our Coaching Journey together, I will ask you to define Self-care as it applies to you.


If what you’ve been doing is working for you, great!  If not, we will work together to re-define Self-care in such a way that allows you to achieve whatever it is you would like to.


We will do this by gaining an understanding of how you make goals for yourself.  Then we will begin with the most attainable short-term goals, and you will work towards more difficult and longer-term goals, until you reach your fullest potential.


Throughout this process, I will teach you about the Right-brain connection to the body and how your body will always indicate your true feelings about any person, decision, event, or otherwise. This is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us!


Learning how to read your body’s signals will allow you to make choices that are true to who you are and what you truly want.  This, in turn, will add value, trust, and confidence to your Life.


With a background in Art Therapy, I’m an expert on using the Creative Process to access untapped Brain potential.  Committing to any of my 3-month packages will give you the opportunity to use the Creative Process to help your Self evolve.


Once we have worked together long enough for Personal Growth to occur, I will implement imagery prompts and Creative homeworks.  It is through this Creative process that you will unveil unexpressed or repressed blocks and obstacles that are keeping you stuck in a loop of negativity and stagnation.

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