Services & Products

Meal Planning

I offer a variety of Meal Planning services to suit your needs.

For inquiries or to customize your Meal Planning package, please email me here.

  • Customized weekly meal plans with detailed shopping list: This package is for busy parents and professionals who just don’t have the time to sit down and plan out three square meals and two snacks for each day of the week. Together we will discuss your dietary needs and limitations to sufficiently create a stockpile of recipes that’s sure to be a hit with your family!
  • Meal Plan Like A Boss: Take meal planning up a notch by getting in depth about how to get the most out of what you already have in your kitchen; how much you actually spend versus how much you’d like to spend on food each month; effective list-making to save you time and money; meal prep methods that will free up hours spent in the kitchen, so you can spend that time doing more of the things you love to do.
  • Meal Plan Like A Boss Course: For those who don’t have the time or motivation to work with me weekly, I offer this DIY course. The course is designed to be thought provoking in regard to your meal planning and prep habits, so as to illicit changes. Once you are made aware of what’s not working for you, you are better able to find methods that actually do work for your lifestyle and needs!



Cooking For Weight Loss

I offer customizable services that fall under Cooking For Weight Loss, a program that’s all about healing your body so you can look and feel your best.

For inquiries or to customize your Cooking For Weight Loss package, please email me here.

  • Cooking For Weight Loss: This program is for people who don’t feel as energetic and healthy as they think they should. This program is suitable for you if you suffer from sickness frequently or feel a host of physical maladies, including but not limited to: mental fog; low energy/lethargy; imbalanced thyroid; stubborn weight gain/loss/plateau; food allergies and sensitivities; migraines; skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis; tummy troubles such as gas, bloating, or difficulties with elimination; sore and stiff joints, especially when you first get out of bed; and the list goes on and on.


  • In Cooking For Weight Loss, we will discuss in detail your current health status. We will cover food choices and habits, including how and when you eat. Together we will target the zones for healing in your body, and as we progress through the program, you will find that your symptoms and maladies will soon disappear.


  • This program will significantly reduce inflammation throughout your body, regulate your imbalanced hormones, and reduce water retention, leading to natural and effortless weight loss without restrictive dieting. You will have more sustained energy in your day, clearer thoughts, better sleep, and your body will love you for it.



Clean Living Transitions

I offer a customizable program on Clean Living Transitions.

For inquiries or to customize your Clean Living Transitions package, please email me here.

  • This package takes an in depth analysis of your weekly food intake, and your beauty and cleaning products. Together we will find the right place for you to begin your clean living, clean eating transition. By partnering with me on this package, I will be able to guide and support you in your transition; I will use my expertise in clean living transitions to teach you the correct way to make these lifestyle changes to ensure lasting results without over spending or overwhelm.



Holistic Health Coaching

I offer a variety of Holistic Health Coaching services to suit your needs.

For inquiries or to customize your Holistic Health Coaching package, please email me here.

  • One-on-One Coaching: One-on-one coaching is your chance to work with me on anything you’d like! We can do this virtually or in person, every week, for a minimum of three months. Sessions last 50-minutes and your first one is free!


  • Peer Coaching: Peer coaching is a chance for you and your friends to work with me in a group setting. Peer coaching groups have between two and four people. In peer coaching, you have the advantage of being the client and the coach as you listen to and help advise the others in the group. As in one-on-one coaching, we would meet virtually or in person, weekly, and for a minimum of three months. Sessions last 50-minutes and your first one is free!