Sublimation |ˌsəbləˈmāSHən| noun : a purification or refinement


Welcome to Sublimation Coaching,

a practice where you can be free to come as you are

and leave a more evolved individual.


Meet Your Advisor

Coach Rita

We live in a society of long hours and short days, giving to others and taking from ourselves.

As an advisor and holistic coach, I’m all about self growth. That can mean many different things depending on where you are in your inner life.

I partner with you to hone in on areas that need reshaping, and a great place to start is with Self-care.

Together we will redefine self-care because, often, you are holding tight to old beliefs about how you should be caring for yourself physically and emotionally.

Next, we will reinvent a self-care regimen that will achieve the results you are looking for. This includes an in-depth look at your food-related behaviors, self-talk, and general life perspectives.

If you are serious about the work that we are doing together, you will invariably walk away a better version of who you’d like to be.

Let Sublimation Coaching get you there!


I had the honor of being a guest on the

Loving Life TV Show with Dr. Tim Weir in June 2019!

We talked some about my Cooking For Weight Loss workshop, a little about gut healing, and a lot about my services. He even taste-tested one of my favorite sweet treats, Raw Macaroons, and featured the recipe on his show and site!

Dr. Weir’s show broadcasts on the CW22 in Raleigh, and nearly 500 other network channels across the nation!

Coming Soon! 

Kombucha Home Brew Workshop

September 26 @ 7-8pm

Do you have the Back-to-School Blues?

Is the stress of packing healthy lunches for the next 12 years making your body feel funky?

Are you finding yourself falling into old eating habits just to help you through survival mode?

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to find your way into that party size bag of sea salt chips around 8pm.

The bloating, the gas, the breakouts, I figure I’ll just deal with them when they come because this Mamma is tired and wants to indulge in her favorite snack!

… at least, that’s my story …

If this sounds anything like you, consider attending this informative and hands-on workshop.

Nearly four years ago I happened upon something that helped me immensely:

No more cravings;

I’m eating fewer calories every day without counting, portioning or starving myself;

I no longer feel gassy or bloated, and my skin has a healthy (and pimple-free) glow.

My husband refuses to drink it because he says it’s “too trendy”, but THERE’S A REASON why it’s catching on so quickly!!

Join me at my next workshop and see what Kombucha is all about.

In this workshop you will learn:

1. What is Kombucha, and what’s with all the rage?

2. How does Kombucha heal my body?

3. How to brew your own Kombucha at home.

4. How to care for your SCOBY (live cultured starter).

5. You will start your very own FIRST batch of Kombucha to take home!


The cost to attend covers:

1. 1 (1-Gallon) Glass, BPA-Free, air-tight jar with lid.

2. 1 muslin cloth with rubber band to use during fermentation.

3. 1 SCOBY to activate fermentation and reproduce for future batches.

4. 6 bags of high-quality organic Green Tea to start your first batch.

5. My customized Kombucha recipe with 10+ flavoring recipes.

Reserve your seat to be contacted with the location of this workshop. I promise, you won’t regret it!