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Rita Haddad, MA, CLC

Art Therapist; Personal Development Coach

Jesus Loving Wife, Mother, Art Therapist, Certified Life Coach, University Lecturer, Scuba Diver,

Artist, Poet, Quilter, Scrapbooker,

All-Things-Creative Enthusiast

I always knew that I would study Human behavior, even before I had a clear understanding of what that looked like.

People have always fascinated me in the ways that they behave, their decision making and their process for making choices, and their Self-talk.

My Journey to where I am today began with turning those questions and observations inward and dissecting my own Inner Self.

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Sublimation |ˌsəbləˈmāSHən| noun : a purification or refinement

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I am a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and a trained Art Therapist (MA).
I coach parents looking to bridge the gap between Life (what they need to do) & Living (what they want to do). My services are full featured and I want to help you find balance and fulfillment.
April 2019
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Success Stories

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Feeling “Lost”

Within a two months’ period … I was ‘back on my feet’

I have always been a very disciplined and goal oriented person, so when my life started getting too hectic at work, too burdensome in my relationship, and too empty of “taking-care-of-me-time”, I hit a wall and had to acknowledge I needed some guidance to get back on track.

Within a two months’ period, with Rita’s guidance, I was “back on my feet,” moving through life differently, with a healthier pace and more positive outlook. I felt less tired, less stressed, and much happier.

Cyndi. University Professor; Long Beach, CA


If you’re ready for real change … that will introduce you to your true self, then Rita is the coach for you.

With all the great things Rita does, there is one caveat. She is not a babysitter and will challenge you to take personal accountability and hold you to deadlines. The more you put into your personal transformation, the greater the results.

Many of us have good intentions, yet we fail in following through. (Rita and I) held weekly meetings and I had to share what progress I had.

George. Human Resource Professional; Ontario, CA

Business Planning

… I left our sessions feeling encouraged & revitalized.

Coach Rita is phenomenal! She assisted me in laying the ground work for building my own business. In our weekly meetings, she asked the questions that helped to truly clarify my intention and my business objectives.

Marlee-I. Entrepreneur, Mom of 2; San Francisco, CA

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I offer workshops and informationals on a broad range of subjects. Many can be tailored to cover specific information on your chosen topic.


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